How do you choose a "classic" bag?

  1. I'm such a newbie to purses. (Not new to carrying them, mind you. Just new to paying attention to them.) I want to purchase a few well-made pieces that I can tastefully carry for many years. What should I be looking for in terms of classic pieces?
  2. 1. Color - something that will match a good portion of your wardrobe
    2. Function - something you will get a lot of use out of and hold your necessities, or maybe you want something roomier
    3. Style - what do you prefer, a shoulder bag, or carry by hand?
    4. Design - Choose a design that is not too trendy and you could imagine yourself carrying in 10 years
    5. Quality - something that can take a lot of wear and still look good; is well made
    6. Any designers you prefer or are drawn to?
  3. I totally agree w/ exotikittenx. Each of those elements are pretty important.