How do you cheat??

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  1. Ok so this is like my first posting in here! I was thinking about it ever since my cheat this afternoon.

    How do you cheat? Are there just times when you need your comfort food? I was in between trekking kids around and had to stop at the gas station for gas and went inside to get me a snack. And I thought how many other people do this??

    My cheat of choice is one of two things... One is a Hostess Cherry pie with coffee and the other is one of those cardboard cartons of chocolate milk and mini powdered doughnuts... Horrible I know but for as long as I can remember this has been my little cheat lol. Not often mind you or I would be the size of a house:wtf: but just every once in a while.

    So what's yours?
  2. I'll cheat too...Hostess Orange Cupcakes and Doritos for me! mmmm damn those Hostess people.

    i've been good lately though.
  3. Doritossssss I have to buy the small 100 calorie packets of those so I can just have a small snack every once in a while
  4. head is hung in shame but when I want to cheat I find myself pulling right into the taco bell parking lot! I have actually pulled in, parked, got out of the car, turned around got back in the car and drove off to only got around the block...and find myself in taco heaven a few minutes later. Sometimes I can make myself STOP other times I can not. My dirty secret!
  5. LOL! I just find "taco heaven" funny :p

    I don't necessarily "cheat". I don't think of foods as good or bad. I treat myself every day to something, whether it be a piece of chocolate, a small brownie, etc. Take today, for example. We had a retirement lunch for someone and there was a delicious cake. Am I going to refuse it and torture myself? No way - I had a slice and enjoyed it :nuts:

    Honestly, when I'm eating right and kicking butt in my workouts, I feel my best - healthy and strong. And that includes a treat every day :p

  6. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: Too funny!! I love Taco Bell!! :smile:
  7. My husband is a horrible chocoholic. He always has a stash of something good somewhere. I ask him to hide it so I won't pig out. I cheat when I find his stash and steal just enough to make me happy but not enough so that he notices. Yesterday I "stumbled" upon a stash of bite-size snickers. Yummmmm.
  8. lol! Reminds me of when I had just had my daughter. Trying to lose weight yada yada and it was Halloween. We had stuff left over so I took out some bite size snickers and "hid" them in the freezer. One day I was in the laundry room having a couple of them and my hubby walks in "Hi hunny, what ya doin?" Mouthful of frozen snickers heheheee I looked like a caught in the headlights chipmunk with his cheeks full. Never will forget that :lol:
  9. Too funny-chag!!!!!

    I live beside a mall so my cheats are New York Fries or Double Chocolate Croissants-so baaaaaaaad
  10. ooo New York fries.. what are those?? [​IMG]
  11. Ha!! I have a funny....I had just ordered a new workout dvd and I wanted to watch it before I did it! So my boyfriend now husband was not i made 8 little pizza rolls..(my other secret fav food...that I by the way never keep in the house but SOMEONE has just moved in) anyway..they are all crispy and yummy Im on the sofa, dvd is going, Im munching..and in walks...yep the man himself!! LOL I felt like such a fatty!!! I was really thin then so I did not mind too much but he sure laughed his butt off at me!! BUSTED.
  12. aww...It's a fry place in the malls of Canada, they are pretty good, like steak fries but they leave the skins on. Very greasy...and yummy!

    I eat salt n vinegar pringles almost nightly. Gee why am I not losing weight? DUH! it's a horrible addiction.
  13. mmmm Salt N Vinegar Pringles :drool:

  14. mmmmmmmmmmm........
  15. Ok-I know this is soooo disgusting-but I absolutely love Cadbury Creme Eggs-so around this time of year-thats my big cheat