how do you carry your wristlet?

  1. Do you keep it in your bag for makeup and other compartments?
    dangle it from your wrist?
    hold onto the body of it?
    carry it as a clutch?

    How do you carry your wristlet?
  2. Loop on wrist and body in my hand.
  3. I put the wristlet on my wrist and hold on to it.
  4. on wrist, like a clutch, or clipped around a bag with some essentials.
  5. just adding to what people have already said.

    i often tell the customers that the wristlet is great because you can unhook it and dangle it off the side of your pant's/jean's belt loop. you can wrap it around a few times if it is too long, or use two loops so it sits evenly on the side of your body.

    i do that sometimes when i want my hands free. :smile:
  6. Keep it in my bag for when I need to carry little things.
  7. I use it mainly to carry my makeup items inside my bag.
  8. i loop it on my wrist and then hold onto it with my hand most of the time i hadnt really thought of looping it on my belt loops great idea for hands free
  9. ^^ OOo that sounds cute for when I'm walking my dog..
  10. Does anyone carry use their wristlet as a wallet fulltime? I'm in the market for a new wallet, but I'm thinking about getting a wristlet instead so that why I don't have to worry about switching out the essentials of my wallet when using a wristlet just for a few hours (and vice versa).

    Thoughts ladies? :smile:
  11. I clip my wristlet onto the D ring of my speedys. I usually put my cellphone,lipgloss,and Id cards. I also carry it on my wrist when I go for starbucks runs with friends.
  12. I Use It More Than Bags Coz It's Comfy And Light.. Haven't Bought A Coach Bag Yet, Maybe Soon But I'm Loving My Wristlet And Skinny
  13. Yep. especially with the bigger wristlets, make very nice wallets.

    the looping the wristlet strap through belt loops comes in VERY handy at concerts too!
  14. My wristlet hasn't come in yet, but I plan to use it in my bag as an extra wallet, mainly just to carry store credit cards, gift certificates, and such that I don't use on a regular basis.
  15. i use one in my bag all the time....kinda like a wallet. If i need to just run to a store real quick, then i just take my wristlet.