How do you carry your Treo?

  1. Does anyone have a Treo phone? I need to figure out how to carry it without getting it scratched up or damaged. How do you carry yours? Wristlet? Something else? Help! :confused1:
  2. Mine fits perfectly in all my wristlets! :yes:
  3. I use the pocket on the inside of my coach bags. My phone fits perfectly in there.
  4. Thanks everyone! I got the 750, which is closer to a Blackberry size and I do use the inside pocket of my bag, but I will also be tossing it into my briefcase and I thought maybe a wristlet or zip-around would be handy for times when I just want to carry the phone and some credit cards or something. :smile:

    I guess a trip to Coach is in order! And I need that new turtle key fob to go on the new wristlet!
  5. not all wristlets are the same size. only the larger ones will allow for the 750 to fit nicely.

    if you are putting it in a bag, i suggest looking into the PDA/Camera case. you can usually find one on eBay or in the outlets.
  6. i use the pockets inside my purse for my 8525 htc & blue tooth.
  7. I have a couple of PDA cases from old Palm devices, and I will have to track them down, but I think it might be a bit too long for a regular PDA case. The Palm site has a D&B Treo case that is interesting, but expensive, and I am not a big D&B fan. :shrugs:
  8. I have a leather Coach PDA Case for my HP6515, but I prefer the HP nylon case because it gets moved around alot when I work.
  9. my friend's treo isnt longer than my Palm T|X.

    i am honestly thinking of upgrading to a treo in a year or so.
  10. I carry this case in the Croco Burgandy:


    I also like the ones from this company:

    I found out about those two companies from the Palm website:

    I carry mine in the case pictured above, as I said in the croco burgandy. I need a case like that because I have dropped my phone, so just carrying it in a pouch won't work because I have to take it out of the pouch to use it. I also use the Palm screen protectors. I like that it has the magnetic flip open, so my keyboard and screen have extra protection AND, the flip part has a place for 2 SD cards which is REALLY nice. With the case on, mine still fits in the cell phone pocket in all my Coach bags.
  11. I use this for my digicam...but I'm sure a treo would fit in it? got this at the outlet for like $40...sometimes you can find signature print ones too...


    another picture closer of of another color...

  12. I like the pink jeweled one from this site, but I'm trying to justify paying $340 in my mind on a cover.