How do you carry your speedy?

  1. So I always thought that I was only into shoulder bags, but I ended up getting a damier speedy 30. Sometimes I carry it by the handles, but I'm afraid that I'll have too much lotion on my hands and even though it's not vachetta, I'll make the leather bubble up or ruin it somehow. I also get scared that the handles rubbing against each other will cause little dents. I know that's silly, but I usually end up carrying it with my forearm just in case. The problem is that when I put it on my arm, it kinda bounces off my body and just doesn't sit correctly. Maybe my arm-to-torso ratio is off, but how do you do it? I've tried looking at pictures in the visual aid thread, but those are usually poses and I want to know how it's done in real life. So, how do you carry your speedy comfortably?
  2. I carry it on my forearm but I kinda twist my arm a bit so that it's not constantly against my body. I too constantly worry about the handles if I carry them in my hand!
  3. Mostly carry it on my forearm, once in a while in hand. :yes:
  4. I carry it on my forearm or in my hand.
  5. Nah...I don't think you'll ruin your Damier handles unless you're really rough with your bag!
    I don't have a Speedy, but I do have a bag with Damier handles...the handles are wrinkled from the previous owner, but since I've had it, I've been carrying it in my hand, every day, most of the time right after applying lotion. So, no worries!
  6. I'm carrying it in my hands and on the arm
    In the beginning when the leather was really untouched I cared about the same- but now I'm looking forward to get the beautiful patina that makes a bag like this so unique- so don't worry, it's part of the story of the bag
  7. Handles...on rare occasions on my arm. I don't worry about it...just use it...that's what it's for.
  8. I agree!! :yes:
  9. i carry my speedy on my forearm because im more comfortable carrying it that way.
  10. I carry it on my forearm, sometimes by hand but the vachetta always scares me needs one good stain so I won't be such a worry wart (I was joking I don't want some cosmic karma thing to get my speedy now:weird: ).
  11. by the handles or in the crook of my arm when i need to use my hands
  12. By the handles usually, sometimes on my forearm. I really don't worry about it since the Damier is super durable. IMHO, bags are supposed to bring joy to my life not stress; so I just use the bag and don't worry. :smile:
  13. i usually carry my bag on my forearm, sometimes by the handles too.
  14. Forearm or hand----
  15. I was just actually noticing today that I usually never carry my mono speedy in my's not because i'm all wierd about it, but mostly because I usually carry around my two babies which is kinda difficult if i'm also holding a i always carry it in my forearm.. but i agree with the others, enjoy the bag and dont stress so much as far as the handles go.. :smile: