how do you carry your speedy?

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  1. how do you carry your speedy? with open zipper of close?
  2. it is 50/50 if it is zipped or unzipped
  3. zipped at ALL times!
  4. Half zipped!
  5. Zipped, I don't like any of my stuff spilling out and this happens to me quite a bit if my bag's not zipped up.
  6. not zipped
  7. Zipped always!If it has a zipper it must be closed or run the risk if being pick pocketed here.
  8. Usually zipped. I don't use public transportation (other than carpool) so no one is up in my business. If I still used the metro, I'd have it zipped ALWAYS.
  9. almost always unzipped. Since it is a handheld bag, I never fear someone is gonna take anything out of it cuz its on my arm...i'd have to be pretty out to lunch if someone succeeded! A shoulder bag, now that is a different story.....i used to never zip my bags up (handheld or shoulder) and got pickpocketed so I got out of that habit.
  10. always zipped
  11. Zipped up more than half the time, when I'm not using its sitting their... exposed :P
  12. Zipped if I am out and about.
  13. 50/50 zipped & unzipped
  14. Zipped 90% of the time.
  15. Open most of the time.