How do you carry your Speedy-LV's up or down?

  1. Hi! I was just noticing that in many pictures (but not all) that I have seen of celebrities/models etc. carrying Speedy's that they had the upside down LV's facing out. I wondered, is this a conscious decision or just how they happened to pick up the bag? I wondered if they were saying--Look my LV's are upside down, my bag is real! LOL :lol:

    I guess when I do see a Speedy with upside down LV's I think, well that is the first sign that it might be real. But lots of fakes do too.

    The funny thing is some people don't realize that the LV's are upside down on the real thing, they think that means it is fake! :blink: A lady just the other day said that upside down LV's means that it's fake--I had to correct her of course! :P

    So do any of you think of how you carry your Speedy? Or do you just pick it up and not even think about it? Personally when I get mine I don't think I would worry about it, I will just be excited to have it! :love:
  2. Maybe the lady was really out of date ? French co. speedies have the LV monograms right side up on both sides since it's connected in the middle with a strip.

    And when I do carry the speedy, it really doesn't matter to me, either side is good cause I'm not carrying a fake ! :amuse:
  3. I carry my speedy with the LVs upside down. Unless I'm in rush. It's funny, most people think it's fake because of that. Where I live, there are tons of fakes :sick:, I've never seen someone with an upside down side. :nuts:
  4. i carry my speedy either way - i havent really thought of it before - my initals are heat stamped on the up side down side though... maybe i should carry it that way... hehehe!
  5. I really don't know...I guess I have to start paying attention to this ever so important detail from now on, I'll let you know on tommorrow.
  6. ^^^^^heeheehee Ok, so I notice weird things!! Actually, I was trying to determine the size of the speedy's people were carrying so I was looking at the number and placement of the LV's and that is why I noticed! :P
  7. funny! i never even thought about it...i just pick it up and love it to pieces. :smile:
  8. I also just grab it and go...I rarely pay attention. I noticed a few days ago that the LVs tend to be upside down when I wear it. It's definitely true that people think it's fake when they see upside down LVs!
  9. I want the lock tab to be at the rear but when it's on the crook of my arm, it doesn't matter.
  10. I always carry mine so that when the zipper is closed the tab is on the right side- so the LVs on the side facing out are upside down. I am particular about that.
  11. I actually never thought about it!
  12. i haven't thought about it either.
  13. I never thought about it either. I just grab it and don't pay attention.
  14. SAME!!

  15. Interesting, I've never noticed how i carry it.