How do you carry your Sloane?

  1. By the handles, of course! I have a black Sloane, that I have had for several months and haven't used yet. I thought it would be a more formal, structured bag that I would carry to work and not on the weekend. Now I am reconsidering. I'm thinking she can do both? I can carry her to work with my business attire, and still keep her on my arm when I'm kicking around on the weekend in jeans. What do you think? And Sloane owners, how do you carry your Sloane?
  2. I have this bag and carried it to work and just around. I think it is a pretty simple design, so it works for both. I actually carry the bag on my shoulder too, rather than by the handles. I do find that it gets heavy though.
  3. Good to know that it's comfortable on the shoulder, too. I think I am going to take her out for a spin tomorrow!
  4. I do the shoulder too, she is a little heavy so it's short excursions for us :smile:
  5. ^ I agree about being heavy. I'm thinking of selling the bag, depending on how my other e-bay auctions go. It was becoming heavy for an everyday bag, even though the honey color I have is really pretty.
  6. I have the Sloane in Honey and I love the color! I find it a bit heavy but not as heavy as the Paige. I was looking on eBay for one and I finally found one that was bought at Neiman Marcus and it's great and I use it for work :smile:
  7. I have a Sloane in straw. I use it as a schoolbag, so it carries my textbooks and coil notebooks in it. :smile:
    I usually wear it on the shoulder, but my winter jacket is a little bulky, so it often slips down on to my forearm.
  8. Cute baby!! I just had to say that! My kids are 3 and almost little one was Princess Lea for halloween, just looking at your StarWars pic I had to mention it!

    Does the Sloane in straw get dirty fast? I thought that color would be hard to keep clean.