How do you carry your Paddy?

  1. Today I alternated between wearing it on my shoulder and holding it in the crook of my arm. The latter started to make my arm sore, but when I wore it on my shoulder, one of the handles kept slipping off. Is the bag supposed to be handheld or can it be both?
  2. i can jam it on my shoulder so that both straps mostly stay on..

    the straps are attached to the bag quite securely.. maybe you can just let one strap hang off, and keep only one strap on your shoulder?

    i think it's meant to be able to be carried in all 3 ways, shoulder, arm, and handheld..
  3. yup i have that problem too. i have small shoulders with not a lot of room for double handles. frankly it pisses me off that the handles slide off.
  4. I think crook of arm and handheld are most comfortable.

    Most of the time I wear mine on the crook of my arm, but sometimes I carry it in my hand. If I need to go "hands free" I'll put it up on my shoulder but the handles are bulky and like yours, one always slips off.
  5. all 3 ways. I get the handles to stay on my shoulder by crossing one on top of the other. Works pretty well.
  6. Nawth, I'll try that! Thanks!
  7. I always wear mine on the shoulder. Goes quite easily. (broad shoulders? LOL)

    I carry it with the zippers undone,bag only closed by padlock flipped over.

    Works very well for me has just perked up over here so tan paddy will be going out again soon:biggrin: .
  8. I alternate between shoulders & handheld. I feel the bag is too heavy to be carried on the crook of my arm.
  9. ooh i do that too!! forgot to mention it...
  10. i usually carry it on my shoulder. one of the handles tend to fall off but i don't really mind, although, i have to make sure my stuff doesn't fall out! (i leave all the zippers open) :amuse:
  11. Was just gonna suggest that - I have to do that with a lot of my larger bags.
  12. My sentiments exactly - :rant:

    I carry it all 3 ways too. I have started stacking the handles on top of each other and twisting them to keep them on my shoulder.
  13. I normally loop the handle so it crosses right over the other then just use the one strap on my shoulder. Which stays put really well. That's a good thing with the quality of these bags is the straps are very strong.
  14. I do the same, prevents the outer handle to fall down.
  15. I love how my cousin in law carries her paddingtons, shes a very small girl so she like looks like she luggs the bag around on her shoulder. You know how some people use the BIGG Gucci Chain Hobo tilted sorta? She uses it that way and its cute. When I carried her paddy I used it in the crook it looked funny everyother way on me.