How do you carry your Manhattan?

  1. I'm considering Manhattan PM as a work bag.. but I'm not sure if the handles are designed to carry over the shoulders? How do you feel about the handle size, comfortness, fitness, etc? Look forward to your suggestions! :wlae:
  2. i dont have a manhattan (yet :p) but i've tried it in the store. it's a handheld bag. you can either carry it the normal way (handheld that is) or in the crook of your arms. manhattan is a very classy bag. it's a bit heavy with all the metallic locks though, but those locks imo make the bag gorgeous and attractive :smile:
  3. Thanks Pia, you are so sweet :heart:. I love this bag so much for the same reasons, and I reallly like it has the external pockets, which helps to orgnize things. My only worry is it'll be too heavy specially after it's got filled, and I'd like my hands free... I'm fighting so hard against myself :weird:
  4. ^ no worries :smile: maybe you can visit the store and try to fill up the bag with the normal stuff you carry and see how it would feel like weight-wise.
  5. Unless you have really thin arms, the handles are too small for over the shoulder. It's meant to be a hand held. I love this bag!
  6. I have skinny arms, I can fit it, but it cuts off my cirulation and my arm turns purple!! Its meant to be held in your hand or on the crook of your arm
  7. ok, zoe, then there is your sign it does NOT fit on your shoulder....:roflmfao: ....j/k!

    lovely bag, but with only a medium amount of stuff in mine, pretty darn heavy. handheld or arm crook only. i can get it on my shoulder, but IMO, it takes away from the look of the bag and is not comfy there at all....
  8. I can't carry my Manhattan on my shoulder so it's a handheld bag for me. :yes:
  9. heavy is "heavy"? ;)
  10. I carry mine in the crook of my arm. It is considerably heavier than the speedy or alma. The hardware on the bag make is heavy especially if you carry a lot in it. But not too heavy that you can't deal with it, kwim?

    I love it!
  11. GM is HEAVY! I thought SA keep it in shape by stuff w/bricks, almost dropped it on the floor.....but PM is far more lighter and comfy to carry. But the down side for PM is hand held only.
  12. I traded mine away & miss it... but it is a heavy bag.
    Not a shoulder bag at all.
  13. Handheld.

    But from the design and the shape of the manhattan pm.
    It looks better handheld than on your shoulders!
  14. I was going to a party a few days ago and took this pic which shows that it can be a shoulder bag... but I don't like it like that, I still prefer the "crook" style

  15. nice photos, CEC.LV4eva!

    It definitely looks better handheld ;)