How do you carry your lunch to work?

  1. I guess first of all this assumes you bring a bag lunch and don't eat out every day. I try and bag it as much as the $$ for the purse fund! That said...I end up carrying my lunch in either a plastic grocery bag (ick!) or a tacky cooler with my company logo. What do you all do? I am on the hunt for a perfect tote that could carry files and fit my lunch...any suggestions?
  2. Same here! Last winter I carried a Jil Sander black hobo and a Chloe brown hobo, so my plastic bag could fit into them and I looked fine. This summer I am carrying smaller purses, so my plastic bag will not always fit into them. LOL! Where I work, nobody cares! :p
  3. When I bring my lunch I use my Dooney lunch bag. It cleans up nice since its vinyl. I get a lot of "where did you get that" when co workers see it on my desk when I'm eating. Just bought one of the newer ones for my daughter.
  4. I carry mine in a Sephora bag lately or some dept store handle bag
  5. I have a small LeSportSac that I put my lunch in. That way, if something from the lunch spills, or I have to carry the empty tupperware home, I don't mind if it spills in the LeSportSac b/c I know I can just wash that.

    Then I just throw that into my bigger bag. Lately I've been using my new HH Havana which fits files, my lunch, and other necessities!
  6. Usually I have a large tote that I put stuff in, so my lunch fits. I generally only carry my wallet, phone, a book and a small umbrella with me, so my lunch fits easily. If I carry a smaller bag, I just put it in a small paper store bag, one with handles. I've always thought I should look for something cuter, but it works... so until I stumble across something I'm not in a rush...
  7. I do the same thing for the same reasons! No plastic bags, don't worry about spills, and my medium tote can hold any size container, my coffee mug, water cup (large college "stadium" cup), and whatever else I bring along!
  8. HAHAHAHA! I thought I was the only one who went all out with my grocery bag! I carry a different one everyday depending on where my mom recently went shopping for food. With that said, surely no one can say I don't have great fashion/plastic totes sense.

    Lol. I initially bought my Coach bag to carry my lunch. But then when my mom got pissed off at me for spending the amount I did on my Louis, I bribed her with the Coach. So now it's back to my one-ply 'plastic totes'. I was a daredevil on a couple of occasions where I put my food in my Louis though.
  9. one of my lunch totes - no problem with spills as most of the time my lunch consists of salad, crackers, cheese and a fruit

  10. I use one of those canvas "boat totes", a small one that I got from Lands End for $20, monogrammed! Fits plenty of Tupperware containers (which I try to use more of, over plastic bags), utensils, pieces of fruit, drinks, etc.
  11. and this is the one i use when i have to carry old dependable calvin lunch tote

  12. I take mine in one of those nylon & velcro lunch sacks from The Container Store. It's perfect!
  13. I use my Not a Plastic Bag right now. I'm going to switch out to a Marc Jacobs navy canvas tote (the $12 one!) when the Marc Jacobs store opens here in Chicago. My NAPB fits all my tupperware boxes, a 1l bottle of Evian and any shoes I might need to bring.
    I've looked at the Elle lunch bags on but they all seem to come up a bit small, but if you want an insulated one these are nice looking.
  14. I'll admit it. I'm 20 and I have a Hello Kitty lunch box that I bought at Target. :okay:
  15. I have an apple-shaped Thermos-brand lunch bag that I use on the rare occasion I bring my lunch (I usually go home for lunch). I got it for 69 cents at a thrift store, haha. I love it. I was trying to find it online, but this was all I could dig up:

    It's the apple one in the auction. I like it because it's insulated, so it keeps things cool.