How do you carry your laptop in an office/corporate world?

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  1. Hi all! I hope you had a wonderful easter!!

    How do you usually carry your laptop/tablet at work? Just put it in a bag or do you use a specific bag (laptop bags, messenger bags, etc?)

    I usually put it in my bag but it gets messy and I was thinking of buying a specific laptop bag for my tech gear!!
  2. In a sleeve inside my Longchamp briefcase. I don't take my laptop in often so I stray away from a dedicated laptop bag. The briefcase itself is useful for hauling books and papers.
    For tablet, sleeve inside any bag big enough to fit.

    I do recommend a separate laptop bag, just to spread the weight of your stuff.

    But if you want one really meant for a laptop and other items, DBF has an LV Icare which works well for him. It's just super heavy with laptop and all his work stuff.
  3. I use Want Les Essentiels de la Vie Kansai case. It's slim and protective. I'll carry a separate purse with it.
  4. Daily - in a separate laptop bag.
  5. you can buy a specific laptop bag,or malfunctional tote
  6. For me it depends. I usually carry my laptop in a separate Knomo laptop bag,I have the Talbot in quilted nylon. It's waterproof and extremely lightweight but still looks polished.
    If I don't want to carry 2 bags,laptop and handbag, I use the Michael Kors Jet Set tote (gold tag removed). It's heavy duty and has a padded laptop zipper compartment. I've found that the weight gets much better distributed if the laptop sits inside a compartment integrated in a tote. If it's just inside a separate sleeve in my tote it moves around and seems heavier.
  7. I used to use my MK jetset tote as well. However after having my son I had to factor in carrying my breastpump and cooler to the office as well. I bought a little laptop trolley on wheels and have been using it ever since!
  8. I use either a Longchamp Le Pliage briefcase over a neoprene sleeve or just put the laptop with the said sleeve in a tote. I used to have separate laptop bags but have given them up after switching for a mini laptop and from there to a tablet. Although I do have a few backpacks with a laptop compartment - if I had to start lugging a laptop to work or school again, I think the monochrome polka dot Ju-Ju-Be would be my choice.
  9. I's in a hair-calf sleeve and inside a purpose-made padded Apple/Liberty laptop lather briefcase. If I need another bag it's usually just a small shoulder bag like my Gucci Disco.
  10. I have tried literally everything. Roller bag (didn't work for me, too much bulk), carrying it in an expensive bag (XL Prada saffiano lux tote) and ruined that bag over time. Bought cheap multi function bag (Kors jet set tote) but couldn't deal with the weight and thin straps, then went to a Ralph Lauren multi purpose tote. Bag fell apart after 2 weeks due to weight. I am now on to 2 bags, a purse only for personal items and a laptop bag with shoulder strap. So far, that is what has worked best
  11. I have a Knomo roller bag and a Knomo laptop bag. They aren't too bulky and are reasonably lightweight.
  12. I use a Swiss Army laptop bag that my husband got for free at a convention. It's perfect. I guess that I'm a nerd about stuff like that. I don't usually take my laptop, but I do carry my Kindle and iPad. I figured if I use a bag for its intended purpose, it works out.
  13. I also use a knomo, the grosvenor, and I have to carry 2 laptops. It's lightweight, looks great, and fits both laptops with room for bulky file folders and power cords. Best laptop bag I've owned so far.
  14. My corporate functions and culture are not very "fancy". We're Fortune 50, but in the construction industry so functionality is the tone everyone lives by. The men use backpacks, nylon laptop bags that come with their laptops or old beat up leather cases. The women use backpacks or really ugly no name totes.

    I use a Tumi that has compartments for laptop, iPad, and separate space for files/papers. It's a really high quality beautiful olive nylon with leather trim and gold HW. When I want something less flashy, I use a Roots messenger bag, gadgets in neoprene sleeves inside. It has a beautiful soft and THICK shoulder strap so it's a really comfortable, lovely and relaxed bag to carry.

    If my corporate environment were more formal I would search for a more premier design like the MCM Mila or a SdJ. I would just LOVE to use a formal structured design for my everyday workhorse.
  15. I've been carting my macbook to university going on 4 years!

    I swear by my Deadly Ponies Mr Market tote in black leather, my only workhorse.
    It is the perfect size for laptop+books+lunch, sits on the shoulder comfortably with thick leather straps and has a zip for safe commuting.

    Even after all this time there is barely a scratch on it. It cost me $500 on sale, at the time I thought it was expensive but it has gotten so much more use than my premier designer bags!