How do you carry your keys?

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  1. I have searched high and low through the forum but just wondering what you all use in your LV? I was considering a cles (key pouch) love the look of it! But really would, want to attach the keys and then put inside the pouch. I don't like the idea of keys gashing up my LV bags (freak- I know :lol:) the key holder seems perfect but doesn't appeal to me as much. Thanks for your help/input!
  2. Just wanted to let you know that you're not a freak for not liking that......:biggrin:....i'm the same way ......
  3. i purchased the cles for this particular reason to hold my keys in it however it didnt key ring was too big and even when i switched to something smaller my 5 keys barely now im looking at the 6 key holders maybe that will fit my keys better
  4. :roflmfao:
  5. I can fit my keys in my clés and i also have a cosch key holder i occassionally change out to. Another option is a mini pochette or another small slg
  6. Is it a pain to unzip to get the keys out of the cles each time? It's funny- I want easy access yet- covered keys! :lolots:
  7. I use a Cles daily and my keys flop around inside my bag. I've been doing this daily for nearly 10 years and have never had an issue with scratching my bags inside or out.
  8. I use the Mini Pochette. My keys won't fit in anything else. I have the old style car key with black fob and about 4-5 other keys. None of the other key holders will fit well without bulging. Sometimes I put them in the Pochette NM with other essentials - folding brush, mints, lipstick, phone, etc.
  9. My keys don't fit in my Cles and I almost brought it back after I purchased it. Like you, I wanted my keys covered in my bag. I never made it back to the store and wound up keeping it, and I'm so glad I did. I throw my license, debit card and a little cash in it and out the door I go. It's great for running out to the gym or the supermarket. It's one of my favorite things.
  10. I'm awful. I keep all my keys on a giant old mountain climbing carabiner. I have so many!!! My fiancé calls my obnoxiously large key apparatus the "Keys of Destiny" haha.

    I do like that I can unscrew the lock and take off the keys I need if I'm taking a small bag out for the day. I have proven to be amazing at losing my keys over the years so I keep them on something huge to keep them all together.

    Maybe someday I can downgrade to my cles but for now...Keys of Destiny it is!
  11. I carry my keys attached to my black multi color cles.
    i keep my ID(drivers lisence) insurance cards and some money inside it.
  12. Not really. Although if im using a bag that has some small pockets i will toss them in a pocket without securing them and zipping shut. I started to keep them in case or pocket a few yrs after something tore a gouch in the glazing of my agenda pm- the keys were the only culprit!
  13. Hi, I have found that the best LV item for keys is the monogram Idylle key pouch in Fusain. I have used the monogram canvas key pouch and it was too small. I also tried the vernis key pouch and found it better for cards. The monogram Idylle key pouches are a bit bigger than the coated canvas ones and have more room for keys than the vernis and mc ones since it is a bit wider. :smile:
  14. :wtf: that's what I worry about!
  15. Ooh... Thanks!