How do you carry your Kelly?

  1. I was wondering how you Kelly owners carry your handbag. Open or closed? If you carry it open (I'd like to carry mine open for easier access), does it look right? The bottom photos (taken from the Asian ladies thread and the Stars with Hermes thread) depict how I'd *like to* carry my Kelly. However, when I carry it open it, it is bottom heavy and so the bag angles.:weird:

    Does it look more appropriate to carry a Kelly open if it's rigide?
    victoriabeckham kelly open.jpg asian lady w kelly.jpg
  2. I carry my Kelly exactly how the Asian lady is carrying it so much!! I love that combination of colors...wonder what they are.
  3. I'm also .... I carry my brown Kelly exactly how the lady's carrying it ;) ! This bags are soooooo gorgeous - I love it so much :love:
  4. Ditto here - I don't think it would carry right if open because of the balance...
  5. I like it with the straps undone but the flap secured with just the turn lock!
  6. This is also the way I carry mine, but, I have noticed that in the long run and if you tend to put quite a lot of stuff in your bag, the turn lock tends to bend... I mentioned this inconvenient to my SA once, and she said that it's bound to happen because all the weight of the bag rests on that slim turn lock, whereas if you close it up properly, with the two straps pulled and secured, the weight is distributed more evenly and it doesn't strain the turn lock so much... I hope to have made myself clear... :weird: Anyway, the result is that I use my Birkins more than my Kellys and when I do use them, I put as little as possible inside, or, I close it up properly, at least with one strap if not both...;) :biggrin:
  7. Good info to know Duna, Thanks!
  8. Very, very true, duna. I try not to overload my bags in the first place but with the Kelly I am especially careful and try to close it properly as often as possible.
  9. I personally think that it looks better closed, especially since it's a lot easier to open than a Birkin.
  10. For the most part I carry my kelly the way they are carrying it in the pictures.

    Sometimes I carry it fully closed though.
    But when I am traveling, I will fully close it and lock it.
  11. 99% of the time, I keep my Kelly closed. It takes only a couple more seconds to close it and open it up.
  12. Thanks for the info Duna...I'll try carrying mine closed. It's just difficult at the store when opening it and someone in back of you is breathing down your neck to hurry up...they just don't
  13. Thanks for the info! When I get mine I'll keep that in mind. :smile:
  14. Thank you for that info Duna.

    I've always carried my kelly closed properly... For me, the undone straps just don't look right. I also like opening and closing my kelly.. I try to do it gracefully.. and feel it too.. LOL.

    Now I know I'd never close just the top...
    And not to overload my bag either!! :biggrin:
  15. Joanna, it's so nice to hear the way you treasure and treat your bag. It went to a good home!