How do you carry your Credit Cards

  1. When you put them in your mini or wristlet do you keep them in plastic holder or do you just put them in a pile and stick them in the purse. I am so anal I have to use a wallet that seperates them at the moment, but I want to use a skinny or wristlet as my wallet. Help.:rolleyes:
  2. I carry all of my cards and id in my skinny mini and then just fold up my money and I'm done. I like the idea of something small and functional.:yes:
  3. I put my debit card and any other cards I'm using regularly in my mini or wristlet, along w/my ID and cash. I keep my other credit, gas, dep't store cards (of which I have WAAAY too many) in my wallet. I switch out my minis and wristlets as I change bags - my wallet just gets moved from one bag to another.
  4. credit cards and id are in the slots in my wallet. gift cards are in another little slip pocket in the wallet. those stupid cards for grocery stores and stuff are in a case (technically, a business card case) that i keep in the zipper pocket in my bag. and stuff like insurance card/aaa/etc are in my mini skinny.

    haha. there's a method to the madness. and i do NOT vary from that- drives me crazy!
  5. well it all depends on what type of bag I am using. if i am doing a quick errand then I will use my soho sig wallet and all the cards go in their slots. BUT if I am going out or doing an errand I will just use a wristlet and then put a debit card, id, cc, and a gift card in my skinny and then put the skinny in the wristlet.
  6. I usually put my ID, credit card, and frequent flier cards in one section of my mini skinny. Similarly, if I am carrying a small wristlet, I will put everything together. I try to leave other cards/IDs behind unless I know that I will need them.
  7. They're in separate slots in my wallet.
  8. I've been using my agenda as a wallet but now I just got a new blackberry so I dunno where to put them!
  9. I seperate them in my wallet...but I want to use a mini or wristlet....are the cards safe that way? Do they rub the magnetic stuff off when the cards are touching each other?
  10. They're in seperate slots in my wallet.
  11. mine just get stacked and stuffed into the wristlet or skinny.
  12. Some handbags I use a wallet for and some I use a wristlet for my wallet. If it's a wallet I put them in the slots. If it's a wristlet I put my ID, credit cards I use often in the front and the other cc cards, insurance cards, etc go in the back. I usually split them in half across the back of the wristlet so it isn't so thick. Works good. :yes:
  13. I have my id and bank card and a couple of others in my wristlet. The others stay at home in my lock box, that way I cant make any impulse buys !
  14. They are safe thay way, thats how I carry all mine. a small cardholder might be nice to put inside a wristlet. I doubt you could find one small enough for a mini skinny.

    Something like this
  15. Okay, putting them in a small pile in my wristlet or skinny will be the way to go, thanks everyone!!