How do you carry your Birkin?

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  1. Hi ladies! I was wondering, are the handles of a Birkin sufficient to carry on your shoulder, or is the bag an arm bag (definitely arm candy! :yes: ) i guess you could carry it on your shoulder if you were teeny tiny..............i just kinda think a bag that pricey and gorgeous should be able to be on the shoulder, for comfort??

    Thanks so much:s
  2. It barely fits on my shoulder but it's so wide that it hurts! I carry it in my hand or in the crook of my arm. :smile:
  3. I can carry it on my shoulder if I am just wearing a shirt(no jacket) but it's not comfortable.
  4. ummm thanks for the replies! actually, its so stunning that i wouldn't mind if i had to see a chiropractor from shoulder wearing LOL
  5. i totally agree!
    i am not very thin and therefore cannot comfortably
    get the bag on my shoulder.
    i live in nyc, and when i wander around the city for hours,
    i find the birken heavy and hard to carry all day.
    i have actually gone into the hermes store in nyc
    and begged claude to extend the handles. no luck!
    it just isn't done. he said it would destroy the beauty
    and intended shape of the bag.
    to be honet, yes, my birken is beautiful,
    but i find myself using my evelyne 2 very often.
    it is light and comfortable on my shoulder or across it,
    and holds a lot of stuff and even has the outside pocket
    for my keys and cell phone and my change purse
    and the best: my hands are free! :yahoo: