How do you care for your Olympe?

  1. For all the Olympe owners out there, how do you care for this material? This is my first lambskin bag (my other LVs are monogram/coated canvas) and I want to make sure I take care of it properly. The SA and the LV hotline all give the standard answer of do not put anything on it but I can already see some faint cracks from drying (and I have not even used it yet!)

    So, is it necessary to spray it with a protectant? What about a conditioner so it does not dry out? What type of conditioner is appropriate? I read that conditioners with silicone tend to clog up the bag and not allow it to breathe. Is there a good conditioner out there without all those chemicals? I know TPFs lover Apple Care-- is there silicone in it?

    Also, please tell me how your bags are holding up (I have the Nimbus in gris perle) and wondering about issues such as color transfer and durability of the lambskin in general.

    Thank you! :flowers: