How do you care for your Mulberry darwin bags?

  1. How often do you have to spray them with Collonil?

    Do you need to stuff the bags when not in use? The bag is quite sturdy so I'm not sure if this is necessary. (talking about the Annie, byt the way)
  2. I spray my annie every 1-2 months and i stuff it with a cotton t-shirt when not in use as it does slouch a bit. I wish the dust bag was a bit bigger as i have to bend the handles to fit them in!!
  3. Thanks for the advice! I'll make sure to do that.

    Me too! It's a bit annoying that it doesn't fit properly.
  4. where can i buy this spray? does mulberry sell it? thanks
  5. I already had one before I bought my Annie; bought it at the shoe store for my boots.

    Not sure if Mulberry sells it because I had not asked. But they probably might.
  6. ok, thanks :smile:
  7. I would stuff them out for storage as they do crush and it is hard to get them back into shape once it has happened.

    There are people who sell Collonil on eBay and I think there is a website. I spray my bags before taking them out of the house and then every 6 months after that.

    You can also get Mulberry Leather Nourisher. Some people say that the bags age better if you use it from the start.
  8. I spray mines every now and then, but I do not stuff them..maybe I should.
  9. I sprayed one of mine but left another without and I am not sure which i prefer , after a time there isn't much to choose between them !!
  10. Flyvetjo , get a bigger dustbag , it will bend the handles after a while .
  11. Thanks for the advice!!
  12. I don't use Collonil,but a locally available leather spray (Tana). I spray the bag before each use since I don't wear it that often. My Roxy is over two years old and still looks new. I keep it in a net-a-porter dustbag;nice and big. I really should stuff her!!
  13. I didn't even know you needed to impregnate your bag
  14. it says so on the card you get with your bag:p