How do you care for your MJ bags?

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  1. Hi ladies

    i'm just wondering how you all care for marc jacobs bags. Do you use a leather conditioner or spray? I want to keep my venetia in good condition...and am careful with her, but i don't know whether or not i should use a leather cond/or spray. I don't accidently want to ruin it! I'd love to hear what your advice is. Thanks
  2. MJ leather is very durable, I don't think you need to treat the leather with anything to protect it. Maybe some rain repellant spray wouldn't hurt if you live in an area with rain. I clean/condition the bag as needed; I've used Apple Guarde and Cole Haan products without any problems. Alcohol free baby wipes are probably the most gentle product you can use to keep it clean regularly.
  3. I clean and moisturize my venetia during the dry, hot months (I live in Arizona, so this is a pretty long time), but I barely have to do any maintenance any other time of the year.
  4. I agree that the leather doesn't need to be treated often. I generally condition them about once a year with Coach moisturizer or Apple lotion. If the nickel/silver hardware tarnishes, then I polish with a soft cloth, or a silver cleaning cloth if necessary.
  5. Where do you get this apple lotion? I live in a town that has nothing in it!!:sad:
  6. Burlington coat factory carries Apple products.
  7. How would you know that? Ha ha ha! (OK-so maybe I checked there ONCE for a mis-diverted MJ handbag. Don't tell my mom.)
  8. ROFL... I WISH there was a burlington near me. But since I've got plenty of Apple(thanks to you!:p), I guess I don't need to go for a while!

    You'd be surprised what's hiding up in this little ol' noggin of mine.
  9. Thanks I checked the website and we do have a dealer in town, hard to believe!:okay:How often do you use it and does it go on easy!!
  10. defiantetly moisturize! leather is just like your skin. make sure to do a test spot first!