how do you care for your damier?

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  1. can i use shining monkey on damier? is it necessary? how do you care for your damier?
  2. I don't put anything on my damier bags. It already comes with the dark treated handles and the bag itself is basically water resistance/proof already so I just let it go. My bags like to roam around the city naked/freely. :lol:
  3. that's good to know. i am a LV/damier-newbie! =)
  4. I spray all my LVs with Apple Leather Guard Spray. Even my Damier.
  5. this might be a dumb question but: is the damier canvas vinyl, like the monogram canvas?
  6. It's my understanding that Damier is virtually maintenance-free. you don't have to worry about staining the leather -- unlike with the Monogram pieces! I just bought a used Damier tote bag (the Chelsea) from 1999. I brought it into an LV store last weekend and the SA was shocked when I told her how old it is. She said it looks brand new, and it does. :smile:
  7. You don't really have to do anything to the damier bags, but I'll occasionally wipe mine with Apple Leather Care to condition the leather and canvas.
  8. Yes, Damier canvas is like Monogram Canvas.

  9. I condition my damier with leather care lotion.
  10. if i want to condition my damier with leather care lotion, do i condition the entire bag (canvas + leather trim)?
  11. Yes, condition the whole bag - it's good for both the leather and canvas.
  12. thanks everyone!!! i learn so much from this forum everyday!
  13. I only use leather conditioner on the leather part.