How do you care for your Chanel bag?

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  1. I'm just wondering if you ladies use any special products on your Chanel bags. I usually wipe mine down with diaper wipes but should I be doing more to protect it? I just received my reissue ... should I spray it with something before I use it? Any suggestions?
  2. I use Apple Leather Care products :smile:
  3. Just use Aple Leather Care or Dicon Leather Care. I don't think using diaper wipes alone is good enough.
  4. What kind of bags are you girls using Apple Leather Care on? Lambskin, caviar? Does it work on light leathers, also?
  5. Chanel's 800# says the lambskin should not be treated with anything. They told me that nothing is needed. I didnt ask about the caviar.
  6. Are they quite sure?!? I bought a lambskin from Ebay and while it's not old, it's definitely drying out somewhat...
  7. I called them myself. And she said they do not recommend anything to be applied. But knowing CHanel and the lack of continuity of information who knows!!

  8. Thanks for the suggestions!! But where can I get these apple care leather products in Canada? I went to the their website and it said JB Bags. I just talked to an SA at JB Bags and they no longer carry apple care products ... something about being too expensive to bring across the border. If I order from Leatherstuffe, the shipping cost more than what I'm buying.:huh:

    I do agree with Intlset that if the leather looks a little dry, we should be conditioning it with something.
  9. I think Chanel is trying to con us all into bringing our bags in so they can charge us $200 to polish the leather. Bah!
  10. Yikes. I don't treat my Chanel bags with anything. Should I? :oh:
  11. After reading everyone's comments, I figure it's best to just leave your bags alone and only lightly condition the parts that look a little dry. I would though like to try this apple care conditioner ... everyone recommends this stuff even on TFS.
  12. I have not treated my 227 Reissue w/ anything, YET. I'm anal w/ all my bags so I'm pretty careful. Perhaps, I'll condition it someday....
  13. I bought it at a few weeks ago and it arrived very quickly. I used it on all my caviar and lambskin bags including white and pick colors and white ccs on the cambon bag and had no issues.
  14. Just wanted to update:

    Since apple care products are too expensive to order into Canada, I decided to try Danier Leather Care Lotion from Danier Leather. I used a little on my grey reissue and it did a great job at removing the scuffs and scratches. It also did not darken the leather. I just massaged it in on the areas that needed it and let it dry.

    Just wanted to let you girls know in case the apple conditioner is not readily available where you live. HTH
  15. ^^^ try for apple guard to canada. its very reasonable and the prices are in cdn dollars