how do you care for your b-bag

  1. Hi ladies,

    a quick question here. i've had my very first city bag in corn flower blue for 2 months now. i absolutely love it. i'm just wondering how do you girls clean your bags and take care of it. do you rub any leather cleaner/conditioner on it once a while? and what brand do you use? thanks.
  2. The Apple Garde products have served my bags well, both the conditioner and spray. Some women like the Vectra 16 spray too. HTH
  3. I am convinced that this is appleguard your Bbag week! LOL
  4. :lol: zac, me too!

    yes - applegarde!
  5. don't forget to use the FATHERS DAY code for 20% off if you buy from
  6. gals, are you sure it's safe to order from "" (?)...i got a weird message when i tried ordering online earlier :wondering
  7. it should be safe. i actually placed my order online but called in with my CC number. the owner/manager was really nice.

    what kind of message did you get?
  8. aaallabama, I have not personally ordered from them, but have read it about it online and never read any negative feedback.

    Apple Garde is also available at the Burlington Coat Factory, if there's one close to you. Another etailer is HTH
  9. I've ordered from twice and had no issues!
  10. thanks for the feedback gals, i'll check out the other stores :yes:
  11. I ordered last Friday and they shipped the same day. I'm still waiting for them to arrive but it takes about a week to Germany. The postage and duty will be much more expensive than the products. I paid 20$ for the product and 25$ shipping but there isn't another way to get it here.