How do you care for croc?

  1. There was a post in the ebay/website find thread that mentioned if croc is not stored properly, the skin will dry out and cause it to be dimpled.

    I am curious as to how croc SHOULD be cared, to prevent drying up, cracking, peeling, dimpling etc etc.

    What is it that one can do, that would cause damage to a croc bag? Water is a big NO-NO, which was established last week. What else?

    When I get a croc Birkin, I want to make sure I do ALL the right things to gift it to my grand-daughter!:idea:
  2. This is one I would take into the shop for refurbishing, no way would I touch it myself.
  3. HG, I wouldn't dream of putting anything on the skin, trust me.

    I'm interested to know what special consideration or care that needs to be done for croc. For example, would I need to give it a good wipe down with a cloth after each use? And should the bag be let to rest in the box for x days before re-using again.

    What causes dimpling? In fact, what causes croc skin to look lacklustre?
  4. On matte croc, I have put Creme Saphir, which is like the Melatonian Creme that Claude recommends, on the corners where a little wear shows up. The results were amazing. The wear disappeared.
    I did NOT put it on the entire bag, just the tiny spots of wear. I am not recommending this for shiny croc.
  5. Someone once told me that dust is the #1 enemy of leather. It can dry out the skin. That's the reason for the sleeper. Also, it depends on the area you live in. Arid areas can accelerate the drying process. Also, that's why I recommend bringing the bag in once a year to the shop, the craftsmen will recondition the bag, which includes cleaning and moisturizing the leather.
  6. OK - so it's keep away from dust on the day-to-day basis and it's once a year to the store for reconditioning, which sounds like a must, so I must not deviate from that when I get a croc bag (dunno when though). That's simple enough. :P

    By the way, do people bring in their Bearn wallets for reconditioning, or that's being silly? There are croc Bearns and non-croc Bearns. So I can't imagine people treating them the same.