How do you calorie count?

  1. I really dont know how people do it. I tried calorie counting a few times before by eating smartones instant meals, but only because the amount of calories are on the box itself. And I really hate not eating fresh food. I know Subway and other restaurants offer calorie values on some of their items, but MOST restaurants will not tell you the amount of calories an item offers directly on the menu or even on websites. I know calorie counting is very effective when it comes to weight loss, but can you really make sure youre taking in around 1500 calories per day for weight loss other than eating boxed foods and Subway and calorie counting through weight watchers? How do you calorie count?
  2. I keep track of what I eat using - you can track what you eat, your exercise, etc. and it's a cool (and free) site. It's pretty impossible to know exactly how many calories you're eating each day, but I like to know the general range, which this site does. I also like that it helps you break it down into not only calories, but grams of carbohydrates, fat, and protein. You just search for foods and add it to that day's food tracker.

  3. Hmmm, interesting..thanks for sharing! I'll def. check it out.
  4. I like i use the free version of it :smile:
  5. Fit Day and Calorie King are great resources. Also, if you really want to be a stickler, a good set of measuring cups and nesting measuring spoons. Eventually, you'll get good enough at it to eyeball things and know what a 1/4 cup or 1/2 cup serving is, etc.

    I do it the old skool way and write everything down in a notebook. Everything goes in there - from how many calories, protein and carbs I eat at each meal to my workouts and how many sets and how much I lift, etc. I'm a tad anal, I know :shame:

    Here's a guide that might help you with serving and portion sizes -
  6. I have Calorie King on my Palm Pilot.
  7. I go by Weight Watchers but I sort of do it loosely now. I used to follow the plan and go to the meetings and calculate by the book and counter and write it all down. Now I sort of have a general idea in my head and do it that way.
  8. I used to calorie count and we never eat anything out of a box beyond, say, plain pasta, but I would make the sauce. I would use the USDA's calorie website and weight and measure EVERYTHING, calculate it all up, figure out the proportion I was eating and how many calories that was. Since I make alot of the same things over and over, it gets easier after a while if you mark down, 1 quiche=this many calories.
  9. I read labels and if I am going to get a salad from somewhere I look up the resturant online and try to find the calorie count as some salads are very high.
  10. I use It allows you to track what you've eat. They have a lot of food options on there, but is really a good one.
  11. I keep track of my calories by using

    There's a meal tracker, where you type in what you ate (fresh food or packaged) and it lists the nutritional information and will total up your caloric intake for the day :smile:
  12. did you have to pay for the program for your palm? or did you download it for free? i am trying to find a calorie counter for my palm treo....preferably a free one...or at least something under $20.
    for now...i am trying to just take note of what i eat (in a memo form on my palm)...and estimate, but its really hard sometimes.
  13. I write everything down in a notebook too- I find it keeps me in line better when I'm not around a computer. Calorie counting has been a real eye-opener for me. For example, beverages like Vitamin Water and certain Starbucks drinks were A LOT more calories and sugar than I had realized- just cutting out sugary beverages made a huge difference in my diet.