How do you call this style of necklace?

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  1. I'm looking for a necklace where the chain is attached to the back like in this first picture (silver necklace). Is there a name for this kind of attachment? Because it is hard to search online without knowing the name. I only see pendants that are connected to the chain like you can see in the second picture (gold necklace)
    Anyone who knows the correct term?

    silver necklace.jpg gold necklace.jpg
  2. Are you looking for a pendant like the top one? Some of them have rings and the chain is split in two and they each attach to one ring. Others have the chain actually go through the top of the pendant. If you tell me more specifically what you're looking for, I maybe can help you.

    These are similar to the top one you posted. But I think you have to buy the center diamond from them:
  3. I think they are called pendant slides, or slide pendants, or even sliders. Hth!