How do you BV?

London 411

Aug 1, 2009
I did a bit of a search and couldn’t find anything on this. If it’s a repeat; oops.:blush:

I ring customers up all day long and just love watching women dig through their bags to pay for their purchase. Some pull out awesome wallets, some actually pull out Tupperware to access their cash, some, handmade items, some dig all over and pull out one bill at a time. It’s all very interesting. And, it never fails to amaze me how stuffed some bags can get.:wtf:

It got me to thinking….how do you maintain the contents that reside inside your handbag? Do you just toss coins and cash inside….toss in your cell phone….or are you very organized and each item has its place?

Do you let your purse get completely out-of-control and then spend the afternoon reorganizing her? Or does she always stay prim and proper? It looks like so much fun when a woman has a ton of stuff that built up in her bag and says it’s time to “clean her out”; I just can’t seem to let the inside get that out-of-control.

I keep the inside of my bag pretty organized. I do have a man’s Fossil pouch that I keep inside my BV. I let it get kind of messy, but it keeps my BV clean. If I am in a hurry and have to toss something in, it gets dropped in the pouch. got me to do you BV? (Okay, that makes no sense…but it sounds neat.):winkiss:
Oct 20, 2008
i am organized because i am lazy. i find a place for everything and put everything in its place so i don't have to waste time and effort again and again hunting for things. i use bv/h document cases to keep things organized. one holds pen, pencil, eraser, mini stapler, usb drive, etc. one holds extra contact lenses, pills, band-aids, a backup pen. one holds nano, earphones, lip balm. i have a bv subway pass holder and keys attached to a bv lanyard. iphone goes in the purse pocket and wallet in the main compartment. that's it.


May 23, 2009
G-orgeous H-eaven
I am certainly more organised than I used to be. I don't use a purse organiser but they are a good idea but prob not workable for hobos.

Mini umbrella, paper fan, sewing kit, chopsticks and sunnies in the cases they came with. Make up bag (if I take it) Scarf in a leather Eithiopian handmade pouch (along with a canvas wallet if I'm using it). Extra jumper/cardi/hat/gloves top of the pile. Rain cover bag in the bottom, keys and change purse in the pocket (make sure their are no docs/letters with address on) business cards in a small card holder (if they go in my keys come out) mobile in the 'proper' pocket (unless it has an outside pocket) Water and lunch/laptop/tech, pen in a seperate workbag. As for payment - I usually carry it in a seperate small bag that I wear under my coat/jacket.


Sep 24, 2008
Dreaming of a remote island
I carry so few things in an everyday bag that it isn't an issue: a BV zip around card case, cell phone, keys, lip moisturizer, a small bag of promotional materials, a snapped Chanel credit card case, and my animal coin purse.

If I'm just running around (groceries, movies, quick trips to store, outside sports) and don't carry a BV, I only have my cell phone, keys, lip moisturizer, and a snapped Chanel credit card case.


Jan 13, 2010
I am an overly organized person, just ask my better half because he's not and if you're not - it can drive you completely NUTS! I have a wallet with credit cards, cash (very little-frankly not much need), drivers license, insurance card, stamps, you get it bare minimum of what would be needed to carry around. I have a pouch for receipts and to keep coupons, you know the ones that Macy's and Kohl's send all the time. I have a separate checkbook that normally I do not carry since my purse was stolen several years ago, for this reason it usually stays home. And then I have a cosmetic bag, glasses in their case, keys, and cell phone. Oddly enough I don't carry tupperware, that was too funny!


Bag Lover
Sep 27, 2007
I am very organized...the inside of my bag is always clean..there is a lady who sits in front of me at church and when I see the inside of her bag, I just cringe...she has papers, receipts, gun wrappers and all kinds of things stuffed in her bag..Drives me


Emma 4ever in my <3
May 23, 2009
Great thread! Practically all my bags are one style - hobos and I am guilty. I throw everything in my bag. I always seem to be in such a rush. Then, on the weekends, when I am laid back and relaxed, I discard all the shopping receipts. I must say though, it's not hard for me to search in my bags and find things as I don't keep that much; just the essentials. Three eye glass cases, (I emphasis 3 'cause it bothers me!); a pack of tissues, soft, beautiful BV wallet, key case, cell, lip gloss and lipstick in zip compartment. I might be forgetting one or two other little things, but that's it.


Aug 26, 2006
North Carolina
My ziparound wallet carries a lot. My spare keys and personal stuff goes in the zip pocket. My favorite case for the other odds and ends that holds a ton of stuff--mirror, comb, lipstick, floss, inhaler, etc is--don't shoot me--an Hermes Karo GM. They are upright and slender and they wear like iron (Hermes and BV buy skins from the same source in Italy). I used to just have a pile of stuff in my bags but I can't operate like that anymore; love being able to find things. And I use the BV lanyards to find my keys in a nanosecond.


May 9, 2007
Can the Zip around wallet hold an iPhone? Wouldn't it be great to have a wallet that was just big enough to hold it so you can grab it when you don't want to carry the big purse? I used to have a very small phone that fit inside my LV wallet and I keep my keys on a stretchy wrist band so it was easy to run into the grocery store with just that. Now I have an iPhone and it's too big for that wallet and I would love to find a new one. When I carry a handbag I carry just the phone, wallet, small cosmetic case that holds the other essentials. Sunglasses are usually left in the car or on my head! Rarely do they end up in the purse.


Dec 16, 2006
I'm very organized. I'm using a bag organizer which organizes most of my stuff and then I put the rest in order (zip around wallet, blackberry, car key) Very unlike my mother, her bag always messes up with papers.
Mar 14, 2006
the lowcountry
my bags are always very neat and organized because I switch bags every day or few days, so there isn't time for any accumulation of stuff.

I have two small pouches that hold all the little things, and an LV wallet I'm obsessed with. I never throw anything in my bag out of place, there are never loose receipts or change or any kind of junk. I think I've been that way ever since I started carrying bags with pretty linings, I just can't throw crap in when the lining is gorgeous suede or leather in itself.
May 2, 2007
I usually carry my medium lizard iron and brass cabat, with matching wallet. Since it has no lining I don't have to baby it. It still looks new after 3 1/2 years! Inside I have three BV cosmetic cases, one containing cosmetics and the others containing random stuff. I also have the inner large purse that came with it. My keys are inside on a long keychain in the matching iron that I attached to a handle. Never fumble for my keys! I admit to tossing receipts in there that I don't plan on keeping and sometimes change, not sure why, but I do. The other receipts go in my wallet. A pack of tissues completes the contents. Because of the shape of the cabat, it's easy to see everything in it!


Mar 28, 2009
Margate, NJ
I carry a zip around wallet (its like a little clutch and nothing falls out)
a flap over credit card case
a document case
a med cosmetic
my celly and charger
and a book or kindle
with all my doc cases and cosmetics and little things it doesn't get disorganized
I just am always searching for my celly which is annoying but I keep dental floss in the cell phone pocket because my cell phone doesn't fit
May 2, 2007
I carry a zip around wallet (its like a little clutch and nothing falls out)
a flap over credit card case
a document case
a med cosmetic
my celly and charger
and a book or kindle
with all my doc cases and cosmetics and little things it doesn't get disorganized
I just am always searching for my celly which is annoying but I keep dental floss in the cell phone pocket because my cell phone doesn't fit
That's funny. I also keep dental floss in the cell phone pocket. And forgot to mention my iPhone in its little Bottega pouch.


Feb 6, 2008
I change bags every day, so I never have junk floating around. I'm a hobo devotee so purse organizers don't work for me.

Most days I carry:

* cell phone, always in the sewn-in phone pocket
* Ferragamo wallet (their long style suits me better than any other wallet I've seen). I always put receipts and change in my wallet.
* Longchamp pencil case (holds a pen, lipstick, small mirror, pill case, earplugs in a case)
* iPod Touch in a Ferragamo cell phone case
* Moleskine notebook
* Sony eReader
* Baby wipes in a travel package
* Sunglasses in a soft case, Clipa purse hangar, bus pass, iPod Nano and earphones -- these all go in the open pocket if I'm carrying the cervo hobo
* reading glasses in a soft case
* In the small zip pocket, I keep a flashlight, personal items (ahem), and any small valuables like my safe deposit box key if I'm carrying it.
* a small Ziplock bag with some peppermints in it
* a tiny jewelry-sized Ziplock bag, empty in case I need to take off valuable rings (sometimes when I ride the subway or go to certain areas, I don't like flashing a big rock on my hand)

Keys never go in my bag because I have too many items in there with my address on them.

It sounds like I carry a ton, but every day I try to find something to leave out and I just can't think of anything.