How do you butter your toast?

  1. Slice thick slabs off end of stick?
    Scrape thin shavings off end of stick?
    Draw the butter directly onto the toast?
    Scrape butter from length side stick and apply?
    Something else?

    I use a stick of butter like a crayon. It's efficient, neat, doesn't dirty a knife and you can get an even spread with minimal butter.
  2. Softened slightly in a porcelain dish then spread onto the bread before toasting. I like a good bit of butter on my toast, so you see little groves of it underneath a layer of raspberry jam!
  3. I use a light butter from Bavaria and don't use the stick butter....I am a stickler for getting it out neatly from the container too - not all gouged and whatnot which my mother in law does.....I try to go light on it too.....
    (see below)...
  4. I use a light butter, made with buttermilk. We put it on a porcelain tray. When wanting to spread it, we take it out before hand and let it soften, and then I take off little shavings :smile:
  5. (comes in to hang head and admit she only uses i can't believe it's not butter 0cal spray and drenchesher toast in it and thinks it tastes even better!)
  6. i don't use butter. just that smartbalance spread which is supposedly good for you? lol.
  7. I just buy butter that is in a tub...(*feeling not classy...*)
  8. We eat margarine at my house..ick. I put I really thin layer on with a knife. *sigh* how I long for real butter.
  9. I use whipped butter, so I gouge at it. Guilty as charged!
  10. :roflmfao: me too!
  11. Me too :tup:
  12. slab a pat or two and leave on top of the toaster so the residual heat will soften it, and then spread it!
  13. I melt the butter in the microwave, brush it on the bread, and place it in the oven. After it's toasted I spread a little jam on the bread.
  14. But the crumbs, the crumbs!! :nuts: :lol:

    I use...duh duh duhnnnn margarine. But when I use butter it's generally never soft, so I shave pieces off.
  15. Haha. My thoughts exactly! Nooooooooo crumbs in the butter! :nogood:

    I don't really eat buttered toast, but when I have to spread the butter on something crumby I am very careful.