how do you bathe a cat??

  1. My kitty never stays still for more than a minute, and I'm not sure how I can get her to stay still in the tub. Then I don't know how to blow dry her without her running away soaking wet all over my house. I usually take her to the groomers, but they injured her so now I'm scared to go to another groomer. Does anyone have any advice?

    and I know some people think that cats don't need baths, but she's extremely filthy.

    * I forgot to mention I have a Persian, so blow drying is a must
  2. One time, Teddie really needed a bath, but he has the strength of 10 men when he doesn't want any part of something. So, we put him in the shower with the door closed. It was the next best thing for us, and a little traumatic for him, but it worked!
  3. oooh good idea Rose! how did you blow dry him?
  4. I've never had to bathe my cat, but when I lived at home I can remember my mom having to bathe our cats when they would get outside and get dirty or stinky.

    First, is she too dirty where you couldn't use animal wipes? I've seen wipes made exclusively for cats that come in a plastic tub like baby wipes. If possible that would be the easiest solution.

    If not, my mom always bathed our cats in the kitchen sink because it was easier to manage them at that level, and the the sink sprayer would work really well for rinsing. If you try this, you may need to hold her by the scruff of her neck and/or may need some help from a family member or friend.

    As for drying, we never used a blow dryer. We towel dryed them really well and let them go. I think the blow dryer would be traumatizing and also it might be easy to burn the kitty with the heat. It took less than a day for them to dry completely.

    Good luck! >^..^<
  5. BTW, I really don't like the shower idea because I think it might be easy for her to hurt herself. It gets slippery in there and if she really freaks out she could hit her head or break some bones.
  6. I really wouldnt recommend bathing your cat. My nan has kept siamese cats for as long as i can remember and NEVER bathed any of them, cats wash themselves.
    If theres like mud or something on her fur what about just wiping it with a baby wipe? It would save a lot of hassle and stress to your cat x
  7. A long time ago, my cat used to get her hair SO matted, we'd brush her but then the next day she'd be a mess... and she's short haired! So I dont know how she did it... but we'd just take her to the groomers. She's elderly now and sometimes has a hard time cleaning herself, but lately, it has been hard to find a groomer for her. A lot of them have stopped taking cats as there is a lot more risk compared to dogs, from what I've been told.
  8. Cats really hate water, ive only ever bathed a cat once and its definitely not recommended, necessity tho, he was covered in oil. u'll have the scars to prove it!! I have a lot of cats and they either groom themselves or in some cases (laziness) others do it for them!!
  9. Not always laziness... my cat is 19 and just can't keep up, and I often see the other two doing it for her. Sometimes I have to sit with her to let her let them do it for her, but it really is rather endearing that they take care of each other like that.
  10. Yeah it so is, looking after each other, part of the same family, some of my cats even groom the dogs!!:heart:
  11. How do you bathe a cat?

    Take it to your vet and let THEM do it! ha.

    Both of my cats go once a month for flea dips (even though they are inside cats) and baths, and they get their back claws trimmed. I have their appointments booked 6 months in a row.

    My puppy gets a bath every week by me. She LOVES bath time! And she sits perfectly still to get blow dried. But yet she hates walking outside when the grass or sidewalk. is wet.
  12. I have a Persian, and she gets bathed once per month. (See my avatar, that's her.) Usually I take her to the groomer but if I can't get there my husband and I wash her in the kitchen sink. We fill the sink with warm water and shampoo and we lather her up with more shampoo. (My breeder suggested Pantene clarifying shampoo, so that's what we use.) It's definitely a 2-person job. My husband holds her and I wash her. Then we rinse her, dry her as much as possible with towels, and blow dry her on the counter most of the way. If it's not too cold we let her air dry after that.
  13. you don't need to bathe your cat unless he/she got into something real funky. they bathe themselves. you don't want to risk causing irritation to their skin.
  14. I trim a lot of show dogs for the ring, and have a few celebraty clients

    It needs someone with huge experience to bath and groom out a cat particulary a persian

    Firstly you must protect eyes/ ears, do not go the throw in a shower route the water could get into her his airways

    Most important I cannot stress this enough is to groom all dead hair out BEFORE BATH, if you dont all the shampoo will get stuck in the mats and dead hair encouraging skin conditons

    also rinse rinse rinse rinse do not leave one particle of shampoo in the coat

    really a proffesional is the best

    good luck
    and remember its the cats welfare that matters the most , not looks