How do you baby your new bags?

  1. This is awesome.. I love the part u keep it away from "dh's feet" .. I literally laughed out loud... I'll confess I sniff the leather too n give it a lil hug... Lol...
  2. Lol our city is filthy... A baggu is what a lot of people use to do their grocery shopping, instead of using plastic bags. They are pretty neat and you can find them in Williamsburg brooklyn. I have one for food shopping and one for my handbags. They might be better than garbage bags lol
  3. personally my bags don't get babied that much. sure, I have taken up shelve space in the home office for switch and go ease. as far as the weather is concerned I don't worry about it. I live in Seattle and it does rain though not as much or as heavy as rumors have you believe. in fact we have fantastic summers (July-October). living in the 'burbs I'm mostly going to and from the car. if the bag gets,wet I just dry it off. I buy bags to use them. thanks for listening.
  4. I wouldn't say I baby my new bags but none of my bags, whether brand new or not, will ever touch the floor! No way! I keep a purse hook in my wallet and if it doesn't work on that particular table, then the purse stays on my lap or gets its own seat.

    Unless its a work or travel bag- then I don't really care bc they are meant to get beat up.
  5. i always get pics of them and keep them somewhere safe in my closet where no other clothes even touches them :biggrin:
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