How do you baby your bags?

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    I wonder how you all baby your bags and to what extent?

    As for me, I (like many people here) carry a plastic bag inside to put the bag in it if it rains and to carry it if I'm walking through a place where my LV would attract too much unnecessary attention from unreliable people (you know what I'm talking about) - that's just common sense; I try to avoid crowds; I'm pretty much protective, and I keep the bags in their dustbags separately from other bags and clothes.

    Also, do you have any funny stories on the subject?
  2. i always put them into dust bag and LV boxes after using them...and protect them from rain when I'm out..but i don't pring a plastic bag to do it...may be i should next time
  3. I don't baby them at all. I have mine displayed in my room when I'm not using them and when I do use them, I don't really treat them with any particular care. I mean, I do make sure I'm not setting them in puddles of water or anything disgusting but I don't really go out of my way to keep them clean. They stay clean on their own, really.
  4. I store mine in their dustbags and boxes but otherwise I just use them and enjoy them. That said, I'm getting my first bag with vachetta for Christmas so I may need to get a plastic bag to protect it from rain! :smile:
  5. annual or biannual cleaning in the boutique ... always in dustbag when its not used ... dont get 2 much sun expose ... store them properly in my wardrobe bag section
  6. I'm way too lazy to baby my bags... :shame:
  7. Could you please tell me more about cleaning in the boutique? How do they do that and how much that costs? Do they take patina off?
  8. its a free service ... u just bring the bag to the boutique and let them know, it takes max a week, depends on how many bags, some boutiques do not offer this as customers seems abuse it with unreasonable request

    patina is naturally formed after being used ... depends on what kinda of marking, they will give their best try but again no promises ... if the patina already darken so much, nothing they can do

  9. I have a question about the cleaning, do you know what they exactly do? Like do you notice a significant difference before and after a clean? Also, one final question, does it come back with a "brand new leather-ish" smell? :rolleyes:
  10. nice thread. i did never thought about this :smile: i thought that louis vuitton's suitcase once upon a time where really made for travelling, they carried the suitcases etc on the back of the cars outside so that the canvas is known to resist under every condition, no? ;)

    i hang my bags at home at the wardrobe outside when i'm not using them...i have to take the bag just when i need it, i would not have the time to unpack a box and a dustbag everytime...only when i know i'm not gonna use it for some time i stow it away in my closet...
  11. i just use it, i bring them out in the rain
    i even put them on the floor
    last time sleepykitten said: why you put your cerises speedy on the floor, i won't do that.....

  12. I wouldn't do that either! Especially because it's a limited edtion and can't be replaced! If it were Mono Speedy then you could put it on the floor, and then get a new one if it got ruined.
  13. brand new smell ... nope

    all my bags are well maintained, so to be honest i dont see any obvious one accept my antigua tote where the bag side got jeans marking ... they spray something on it and it did work a bit ... less blueish

    as far i know, they have a cream to clean or polish ur bag which is not for sale

  14. :lol: Hilarious!

    But, yah ITA. I don't do anything in particular and they seem to stay clean and nice all on their own. I guess the only thing would be is I store them nicely every night and I never carry a pen.
  15. im so silly. i rock my bags like babies. lol.