How do you avoid label overload

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  1. Are you dressing or accessorizing differently in these tough economic times? I have a ton of Tory Burch clothing and shoes along with some Prada and Burberry pieces to name a few. I'm starting to feel a little self conscious of all the labels. Even when times were good I think people look ridiculous in head to toe label.
  2. I like to mix cheap and mid range pieces with the odd designer treat. I dont foresee ever being in a financial postion where I could dress top to toe in labels but I dont know that I would ever want to. I get a kick out of my bargain buys being complimented and the look on people's faces when I tell them where they are from and how little I spent :supacool:
  3. Don't feel guilty about wearing your designer items -- you should enjoy them!

    Like 75Jules, I also mix lower-end, mid-range, and higher-end pieces. Even though I have quite a few designer items in my closet, I buy them at deep, deep discounts. (With the exception of my Hermès and Chanel pieces, most of the items in my closet were purchased for 75% to 90% off.) I don't wear obvious logos, so I don't feel self-conscious about wearing higher-end labels. Honestly, most of the time people don't even realize that I am wearing a designer item. Every once in a while my SIL will ask what I'm wearing but, other than that, no one even notices.
  4. So true! I always mix my labels, but I'm fond of finding great brand names at deep discount prices. My most expensive pieces would have to be my handbags. For clothes, I love finding cheap bargains that look expensive. And it's so true how people really don't know what you are wearing most of the time. Unless your pieces are full of visible labels, you don't ned to feel bad about wearing them. After all, you did buy them, so why not enjoy your fab pieces. =)
  5. mixing is good. I always mix a little bit of everything.

    Also I don't think it's bad to wear "labels head to toe" unless you are actually wearing monogram or some big logo AX shirt with AX hat and AX pants or something.

    If you wear all labels especially higher end labels it's not very obvious. No one is going to say that girl has a Chanel purse with prada shoes and some MiuMiu skirt and a Chloe sweater and it's so tacky just because they are all "labels"
  6. Just wear whatever you want. Unless you are wearing head to toe logos, most people won't ever notice that you are rocking designer stuff.
  7. I was thinking about the same topic. My company recently went through layoffs. And I'm so bless to still have my job. In fact I'm traveling for work next week and I just bought a burberry scarf and now I don't know if is appropriate to wear. I usually like to dress simple but a a bit more formal than others. So I understand and would love to keep reading other tpfs advice.
  8. What you're feeling is normal... I definitely have felt it too. Mixing high and low end stuff is a great way to go about it! Wear a great bag, a cheaper outfit, nicer shoes, cheaper jewelry, mix it up, etc etc! Try it you will love it!!
  9. I agree. I've worn labels from head to toe, but never all monogram. Most people don't know when something is designer unless there is a monogram somewhere. Mixing high, and low is good, but no one will really know but you, if something is designer or not.
  10. in most cases, 'label' means/stands for good quality. there is nothing wrong to like good quality.

    it is a different story that some people crave big name/symbol/monogram marked on their clothes, shoes and bags just to make sure others know they are *rich*.

  11. I think it's fine as long as there aren't ACTUAL logo's all over the clothes. Like a monogram LV with monogram Gucci shoes... that's when it starts looking ridiculous
  12. I wouldn't feel guilty. I also HATE with a passion the coined phrase "recessionista."

    As long as your finances are in order, you shouldn't feel guilty if you wear quality pieces that others may not be able to afford right now. Life isn't fair and as long as you are doing your best, you should be able to own things you enjoy. Five years from now, when the economy is on the upswing again... are you going to cherish that Burberry trench that is currently selling for 30% more or are you still going to enjoy the one from Gap that shows wear and tear?

    Most of my closet is at least mid-range designers *purchased specifically for quality. With the economy, I'm not buying as many pieces and I'm choosing my labels more carefully. I'm checking construction of items and researching feedback. But I don't feel guilty for wearing head to toe labels (and you would have to be as obsessed with clothing as I am to even know what I'm wearing anyways).

    AND definitely do NOT feel guilty for wearing nice shoes. Coming from someone that works retail, you do NOT mess around with your feet! It's so much cheaper in the long run to buy a quality designer shoe here and there than a bunch of cheap shoes at the mall and need foot surgery later on!
  13. I also mix lower-end and higher-end pieces, most of the times its cheaper clothes and more expensive accessories.