How do you avoid caking up eyeshadow pots?

  1. Hi gals
    So I've discovered the magical MAC Pro Water Based Mixing Medium after reading so many great things about it; it's really excellent! I love putting a drop onto any shadow pot and getting that creamier, more intense application.

    However, I'm starting to notice that the shadows which I've used the Mixing Medium in have begun to harden :tdown:. So my question is: What's a better way to pair Mixing Medium and shadows to avoid this? :confused1:

    :heart: Mich
  2. I bet you have oily skin.

    What I do is never put the same applicator in them twice. Use Q-tips or those little spongy things in packs of 20 for $2 at the CVS, or both, but always put in a clean one.
  3. i use a clean shadow brush when applying mixing medium with my shadows every time. i've never thought of using disposable sponge applicators since i always thought it was wasteful because i have a load of brushes...
  4. Well, if your eyeshadow is caking up, either your brush is not as clean as you thought, or you may be dipping the brush twice into the eyeshadow without really thinking about it, which is easy to do when you are concentrating on mixing and getting your eyes right.

    I use a lot of Q-tips, because once it has touched my skin, it can't touch the eyeshadow again, it has to be a new Q-tip, or the eyeshadow will cake up!

    But please don't think this is a habit I developed overnight. I'm 55, but I was almost 25 before somebody explained to me why my eyeshadow was doing that! :smile:
  5. what i do is apply a drop of the mixing medium onto the shadow pot and mix in a circular motion with my clean brush (i clean it daily with baby shampoo). i guess with multiple mixings, the shadows have developed a hard top layer and i can't seem to penetrate below it. argh!
  6. You can use a toothpick to un-cake them, mush around a little bit, and what you might try doing is mixing on a little plate, get your drops and dabs with toothpicks, like you do mixing colors to paint something really tiny, where even a little squirt or dollop would be way more paint than you need, and the toothpick will keep you from accidentally touching it twice, because you will automatically NOT touch the toothpick to your skin!

    Then once it's all mixed on your little plate, go to town with your brush, spongedoodle, even your finger!

    It is annoying to have to jump through so many hoops with anything powdered, but on the positive side, when our dry-skinned friends get wrinkles, we don't! ;)
  7. that is most helpful, shimmapuff. thank you, i'll give that a shot :smile:
  8. I know this is not a new thread but I'm thankful for finding this out cos I use fingers to do my eyeshadows and they often end up getting that hard film on top.
  9. You'll need to stop wetting your shadows like that. It's not good for them, which is why they're developing the film. Oil and water does that to them. To use the Mixing Medium with the shadow, place a drop on a clean surface and use your brush to pick up shadows as usual then the brush into the Mixing Medium.
  10. If you have small plastic pots scrape the hard part off and put it into the pot. Then always mix a bit of the eyeshadow (scraped) with the mixing medium in the lid. I only use Carbon with MM, as a liner and I always wet the left side only, the other one is for regular use

    It happens to me all the time because I put my shadow on with my fingertips (sue me, it goes on thicker and I love it). It even was happening with my mac pots, and you take a piece of scotch tape and tape over the top and it will remove the hard layer. viola! Great shadow beneath, just like new! You may have to do it twice to remove all of the oily layer.

    It also works to freshen up if, say, your friend stuck her brush into your shadow. If you're a germ-phobe like me, you'd want to throw it out. But this is a way of making it new again!

    I hope this helps someone! I was my saving grace when I figured this out!
  12. Yeah, tks! I just bought 2 Chanel brushes for my Chanel eyeshadow but I'll still use fingers when using my cheaper e/s so this is helpful! Some pple say using fingers is easier while others say using brish is easier, I still find using brush easier tho but not keen to dip my Chanel brushes into my cheaper e/s.......hmmm.........or maybe I'll just get cheaper brushes...... hee hee.........
  13. (Oops, I didnt know this was an older thread haha, but whatever)

    Wait Chelle, so you drop the mixing medium onto your eyeshadow? I dont think thats a good thing to do! I know that mixing mediums are normally used for pigments.

    I think if you have a great primer (I swear by UDPP!) you really wouldnt need the MM to help it stick!

    But, normally when my eyeshadows, blushes, powders etc. cake up, I just clean it a bit with a tissue, or sometimes scrap off the hardened parts.

    When I do make up on several girls at once, I always clean it with tissue, just in case any bacteria is on there and stuff.

  14. I saw some makeup vlogger on youtube dip her brush into her shadow, then spray her brush with her mixing medium. Maybe that's better than adding a drop directly into your pot? I haven't tried it, (I don't use mixing mediums) but it sounds like it makes sense to me.

    If you want me to look for the video I probably bookmarked it. Just let me know.