how do you auto bid on ebay

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  1. i herd you can auto bid on ebay and put the amount you want it to stop at . how do you do that?
  2. You just enter in your highest bid number, and eBay proxy bids for you up to that amount. It is automatic.
  3. Or you use a sniping program that will bid in the last 5 seconds or so, try
  4. :Push:
  5. :confused1:
  6. Sorry didn't mean to offend i just despise last minute snipers
  7. Something you can't escape though :shrugs:
  8. Unfortunately i have to agree you can't escape it but sites like that gice the scammers etc extra fuel to make genuine people lose a sale
  9. how do you do that do i have to fix my settings or changr something?
    ususally when i place a bid it says for how much and then i put it
    please help
  10. Nope, you don't need to change any settings. If your bid is always showing up as exactly what you put in, that means that your bid was the lowest amount that would win.

    For instance, if the opening bid is $10, and you bid $10, then your bid will show as $10 immediately. When someone else bids on it, you will be outbid.

    If the opening bid is $10, and you bid $50, your bid will show up as $10 (to everyone but you). If someone else comes along and bids $20 after you have bid $50, then you will still be winning, but your bid will move up to $20. If you bid $50 and someone comes along and bids $55, they will be winning and their bid will show up as the next imcrement for that auction over $50 (probably something like $51).

    Maybe you are confused because eBay is confirming your maximum bid number, but showing your bid to everyone else as whatever the minimum is to be winning. Either that, or you bid only enough to barely beat out the next highest bidder, so your bid goes in from the start at the max amount you entered.

    There is no way to turn this feature on or off--it's not optional. So you don't need to change anything in your settings.