How do you authenticate at LV?

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  1. I've never bought any LVs on ebay but I want to. If I get a bag, do I just walk in the store and tell the SA I got this on ebay, can you authenticate this? Do they really do it? Do they get annoyed or give you an attitude about buying one ebay, etc.?
  2. i asked at 3 different location if they will issue me a note to say if it was real or not..... they all laughed and said NO, i never got written statement --- :wtf: :heart:
  3. Yes, I just went in and said I wasnt given this bag as a gift and wanted to be sure it was authentic. If you can ask for the manager.
    Wendy downtown TO is very nice,very helpful. I also had Dino downtown do this for me and he's a great help. They dont seem to mind:smile: I just tend not to tell them i purchased off ebay.
  4. Im sure the reason they wont is because if they put their name on this note saying the bag is authentic and you decide to rip somepme off and hand then the same bag but fake they it can come back to Louis vuitton they dont want that. There is no way for LV to ensure how you are going to use that note. I dont blame them.
  5. Louis Vuitton never provides written letters of authentification.
  6. Exactly. That's also why it's hard to just walk in and get a box or dustbag for a bag now.
    Anyone can just take and copy that note over and over and include it with their fake bags, just like they do with those receipt templates. Anything to make people believe their fakes are real.

    But to the original poster, you can just go into a boutique and like someone else said, talk to the manager (they typically are better at authentications) and get a verbal confirmation of the bag's status. You can also get their card and number and give the information to the seller if they want to confirm it if it's deemed fake.
  7. If you find a bag you like on eBay, a good safeguard is to have it authenticated here first. There are many here who seem to have very sharp eyes!