how do you attach your keys to your key cles

  1. do you just stick your keys onto the loop part or do you get another ring and then put the ring onto the loop? (hope that wasn't too confusing haha)

    if you have a picture of your keycles with your keys on it could you post it please?? :smile: tia
  2. My keys won't fit onto the loop!!!!!!!! So I attach a key ring onto the loop (it's kinda ugly..but whatever)
  3. Nope, not confusing at all. That's the exact question I had when I bought my cles. I now do what everyone does ... keying it in a small ring and then hook the small ring into the cles/key chain part. Because those darn thick remotes would NEVER fit in the key ring!
  4. :smile: thanks for the help guys. bluekit, whatkind of small ring do you use? the gold is so shiny i don't know where to get one that will go with it.
  5. I just used whatever that was around the house :shocked: Just a small silver ring thingy that you always have lying around the house!? (or just my house!)

    I don't worry about matching the key ring because most of my keys won't be matchy matchy anyway (black car remote, silver AND gold keys). If it REALLY bothers you...maybe spraying a silver small keyring with gold paint!?
  6. Here's a photo of mine for you! I just clip a keyring onto it. The gold is going to get scratched and tarnished no matter what you do, so no need stressing over it! :cool:
    Jazzy's Cles.JPG
  7. i keep my keys on another ring, then attach it to the loop. pic attached!
  8. i do it that way so if i valet park, i can just remove the cles and leave the keys.
  9. the damier is very nice.
  10. I just went to the hardware store and found some of those temporary ones the car garages give you, they had some gold shiny ones there.
  11. I have a tiny key ring that I attach my car key to, then I slip that onto the cles. all my other keys fit on the cles.
  12. I do the same thing - keep all my keys on a small ring. That way it is so easy to switch the keys from one cles to another.:idea:
  13. I bought ring for the keys at stationary store in our neighbourhood, but it's silver.I did like Jazzy and blackbutterfly ..just hook it up

    I will look for gold one, I will let you guys know when I find them.
  14. This may sound excessive... but I put my keys on a pochette extender/ bolt key holder (the round end) and then clip the whole lot to my pochette cles. That way I can fasten just the keys when I am carrying a bag with a d-ring. If my bag doesn't have one, I use the extender with the cles. Works for me!
  15. How much is it for the bolt key holder?
    I was just looking at that on the vuitton site.