How do you ask you stylist for a blunt cut, and actually get it?!

  1. I used to go to a stylist, and I'd always ask for a blunt cut, and that's what I'd least it was my idea of a blunt cut, and I was fairly happy with it. Ever since I lost track of that particular stylist, I have been miserable with every so called blunt cut I've been given. I have side parted hair, so I always ask the stylist to be mindful of the part (!) because obviously that would have bearing on the final result. Apparently, every styilst has his/her own idea of what blunt actually is, because I never get the same, or to my eye, even a similar cut twice. It seems to be all different lengths to me, and right now, its a touch longer in the back, making the sides curl up rather unflatteringly around my shoulders. :sad:

    I just want a soft blunt cut, and I am so frustrated! Any idea of how to explain "soft, straight, blunt cut" to a potential stylist?

    Thanks so much for letting me whine about this...
  2. Can you find a photo of the **** you want? Take it to every stylist you go to.
  3. I think I am going to buy a few hair style magazines today, and do exactly what you said...take a photo of my idea of a blunt cut to every hair cut, until I find someone who can get it would think it would be fairly simple to achieve, but sadly, no. Thanks so much for your thoughts! :smile:
  4. I really meant to say CUT! I cant edit it, now:push: lmao.
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  7. LOL! I did wonder about the typo...but I just didn't want to go there, and took the advice as I figured you must have intended! :smile: to shop for magazines, and keep your fingers crossed I can get a decent darn haircut next week.
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    As for the OP's question: I took hairstyle mags and pointed out the kind of style I wanted, and was extremely clear about wanting a BLUNT cut. If the stylist didn't do it, or I could tell during the cut she or he wasn't following my wishes, I'd remind them - or, if that failed, fire them. I don't know why it's so hard to find a good stylist!!
  12. From what I heard the blunt cut haircuts are supposed to be the hardest for a stylist to cut. It is not as simple to think just chop and it will fall even. I have had so many bad cuts even when I bring pictures due to the stylists thinking they know better and want to be creative......UGH....
  13. :roflmfao::roflmfao: Best typo ever!

    What I always do is if I feel I can't describe a certain cut to my stylist, I will just find a picture and bring that in, I feel that is fail-safe, and if I want to deviate a bit from the photo, I will just tell them. It's easiest that way and you are more guaranteed to get the style you want.
  14. I know!:push: It's like trial and error, but once you find the perfect stylist who understand you, it's great!!
  15. LMFAO VAL!!! I had to read it twice and then I just started laughing my ass off. Too freakin funny :roflmfao: