How do you ask for the Lookbook?

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  1. I've noticed that some tPfers have access to the Vuitton Lookbook. How do you even ask for that? Do you have to ask the manager or just any SA?
  2. Do you have a regular SA? If you do, and you have a good relationship, just ask. Every time I go to my boutique, they always show me what's coming....I guess you need to make yourself familiar and known to them. It's how I get invited to their special parties and shows. Good luck. Don't be afraid to ask !!
  3. Just walk in and ask to see it, it'll help if you have a regular SA, just be confident and say I'd like to have a look at the loobook please, don't just ask if they have a catalogue of guide to future they may say they don't have one if you say you want to see the book they know you already know it exsists, now there are 2 books the glossy pic runway bag book or the real nitty gritty shows you everything book it's the second one you really want to see
  4. Yeah, in my experience, you don't even really need a close SA to see it, just one you're somewhat familiar with. Just ask to see the book of the upcoming styles/lookbook. :yes:
  5. The lookbook is different from the catalog, right? The catalog covers what's available now and the lookbook is what is coming out?
  6. Yup, the lookbook has printouts of all the upcoming pieces and the catalog is just of all the lines that are currently out (minus the limited ones).
  7. I just ask whichever SA is available for the lookbook, if they have it available. Most of the SA's at my store know me but I wouldn't hesitate to ask an SA who I haven't worked with yet.
  8. I just go in and ask to see it.
  9. yeah, i did not know what that thing was called - now i know, and I can see what is coming out. The SAs always run to that thing when I ask questions about what I have read here.

    Also, anyone know when another catalog is coming out? Is the blue catalog the most current ? ?
  10. I just ask any SA.
  11. I just LOVE this forum! I learn so much...

    Today alone, I've learned that heat stamping is free and that you can just ask any SA to see the lookbook, and I learned what the weaving of a Bottega is called. :p Oh, and the style name of a pic I posted...At this rate, I could just stay home from school! Just kidding...