How do you apply your foundation? Brush? or Sponge?

  1. I wear light foundation for work everyday and I have been applying them with either my fingers or a make up sponge......and I was reading a magazine couple weeks ago and found out that most make up artists use foundation BRUSH..... It's their trick using a brush to apply foundation for that air brushed make up...look

    So I invested in a good foundation brush from Bobbi Brown the other day and use it for the first time this morning.... and it left all bush strokes and it's not even even.....!

    I ended up using a I doing something wrong?

    What do you use for your foundation? If anyone's using a brush..what's the trick?

  2. hm... i use my shu uemura foundation brush and doesnt leave any streaks. perhaps you need to even it more with the brush? i always use a brush though. you can't get the crevices of your face as well w/ a brush and unless they are 1 time use they also are not that sanitary.
  3. I use a foundation brush, the Armani one, its not too big so it works well. I loooove it the sponge soaks up so much makeup you waste so much, plus my makeup loks soo much better when I use a brush. you just have to keep blending and buffing it onto the skin. The first times i was discouraged too dont worry, keep at it
  4. I have a MAC foundation brush that I use daily and it doesn't leave any streaks. Although I do know that it took me a few times to really get the hang of how to use it.
  5. The thing is the brush is really soft and the bristles are even and nice, but once it is wet with foundation, it starts to separate in chunks.....(am I saying it correct?)as if it's got only four or five big bristles.......

    But since you all said it takes some time to get used to, I will keep trying...thanks~!
  6. i use the sponge that comes with the foundation (chanel)....oops have i been using the wrong thing?
  7. I use a brush for liquid foundation and concealers, but a sponge is easier for me when it's a cream.
  8. I use a sponge....the beauty blender (that pink round cone like thing) :smile:
  9. Another vote for the Armani foundation brush! I don't get any streaks at all.
  10. I use a sponge. Works fine for me so i'm not going to switch to a brush :shrugs:
  11. i use the mac 187 [​IMG]
  12. I use a Chanel foundation brush and i love it! I think you should return the bobbi brown one and try something else.
  13. I use a sponge. I have a really nice brush too but I hardly use it.
  14. Same here - the brush takes longer to use and requires frequent cleaning so I use the sponge way more often.
  15. I use liquid MAC Foundation with a MAC foundation brush. After that, I use a kabuki brush to put on mineral foundation. It sounds like a lot, but I don't get that cakey look at all (which I hate).