How do you apply your eyeliner??

  1. I'm curious about this. I see some people that put their liner on the top lid and on the bottom rim (not under the lashes). If I line the bottom, it's under the lashes. I have small eyes so I don't use a lot of liner. Usually, just on top.

    Also, I just started using Sue Devitt's Intensifer pencil and love it.

  2. if you have smaller eyes you want the eyeliner to open you up so (when working as a makeup artist, my side job now) what I would do is darken your entire lashline with a flat brush and cake eyeliner (just stipple into the lashline not above it) then with a pencil or whatever eyeliner you like go from the middle of your eye ball to the outer corner starting thinner and getting thicker as you move out as to draw the eyes slightly up and out. It's kinda hard to explain without showing you...... As for the bottom, if you have small eyes you do not want to line the inner rim, it will just close you up and make them look smaller, if you need some bottom liner just put a little at the corners and blend in a thin line as you move in toward your nose and again do not pass the middle of your eye. Once you begin to line from the middle of the eye in you will make your eyes look smaller and closed, the idea is to work only from the middle of the eye/pupil out....
  3. Thanks Lola, great tips.;)
  4. ^^Same, I do LM's signature way./
  5. Some times I can get the flick right [you know the flick like they use to doa lot in the 60's]. But then I can't do it some times, any hints:smile:
  6. :lol: that's the line I currently freelance for....
  7. 2 things needed: A STEADY HAND and a VERY GOOD LIQUID EYELINER.