How do you and your SO fight/disagree??

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How do we argue?

  1. Ignore one another

  2. Start good, end bad

  3. Diplomatic / talk it out

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  1. Do you guys yelll? Ignore each other? Have a diplomatic conversation? Does it start out good and end in a mad fury of emotions?

    Im wondering b/c all my married friends all start out having "rational" fights, and after a few years ignore each other. I do a combo of good conversation and ignoring....and at least 2 good yelling session within the year......

    How about you guys???
  2. Hmm. Kinda a combo of all three. Depends on whether or not we're (and yes, I mean WE) are PMSing. Dh sometimes gets PMS too - can't explain it, he just DOES.

    Silent treatment.
    Him apologizing.
    I go buy a bag.

    End of story.
  3. If it is an angry fight (yelling, saying mean things to each other) we will eventually go to seperate rooms to calm down. Then one of us will go to the other, apologize and we sit down and calmly discuss our grievances. 100% of the time - always ends in a hug. We are best friends - we hate hurting each other. He is one of those rare men that are willing to share his feelings and listen to mine (maybe cause he'a a musician?)
  4. all of the above?! lol! Its healthy to fight, I'm not gonna lie. We are actually becoming more rational now, then before. Ignoring is good to cool off and clear your head, and usually at that point you realize the fight is stupid 9 times out of 10.
  5. We almost never yell. Not to say we don't get made at each other! LOL But we just don't yell. We either ignore or talk it out.
  6. :roflmfao: I gotta admit I was so pissed off at him once, I did go to ELux and charge an LV on his credit card! :shame: (you'll have to guess which one.)
  7. Take a timeout first to give each person time to cool down and then talk it over. I think sometimes women want to talk about things/patch stuff up right away, but I've learned a cooldown really helps things work more smoothly.
  8. ^^ Do tell!
  9. it was denim
    it was baggy
    so pretty!

    sorry kids - :back2topic:
  10. He almost never yells. Actually, he's a saintly person compared to me. I start with the 'rational' end up with the weepy fit and then sulk for a while. Once I've got all that out of my system, then we talk about whatever was bothering us...and we do end with a hug.

    I hate going to bed angry, because I always lose. I'm a snuggler and it's really hard to be self-righteous when you wake up in the middle of the night snuggled against the person you were huffily ignoring at the beginning of the night!
  11. ^^Just my 2 cents on that... I know everyone says "don't go to bed angry" but WE always do. I know - it's terrible. But seriously - I find that in the morning, once I am well rested, I am in such a better mood, and it's so much easier to work out whatever we were arguing about!
  12. We don't yell.. but once everything gets out in the open we usually don't resolve it right away, feelings and emotions are running too high. So one will start ignoring the other. We've gone a whole week without talking (it was actually beneficial to our relationship, though).
  13. It really depends on what we are fighting about, so I'd say a combination of all 3
  14. ^^Whistlerchic, I love the Jackie Kennedy quote.
  15. Going to bed angry works for me too.....

    I need time to get over things and think.....I do feel better and have a better "sense" about the fight in the morning.....