How do you all wear your ponytail scarves?

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  1. I need some ideas! :s My hair is getting kind of long so I have been wearing it up a lot lately. I have both the red valentine heart and the legacy ponytail scarves. How do you wear them? I have tried just knotting it and tying it in a bow but not really sure what looks best.

  2. I am in my 40's, was looking at these at the store (my hair is semi long see my pic).
    Well my DD said I am TOO OLD to be wearing pony tail scarves!! She is 14 and said I need to wear MOM hair.......LOL
  3. I tie my ponytail scarves around the handles of my handbag alot of times...

    When I wear them in my hair, I wear them like a headband, and tied on the bottom. I don't have longer hair right now, but when I would wear them tied around my longer hair ponytail sometimes, I would wrap it around the tie, then kind of do the "loop" thing with my hair, and tie the ponytail thing around that and tie it on the bottom.... Sorry, I don't have any pics of when I had longer hair!!

    I used to wear 3/4" ribbons in a bow on my ponytail all the time in high school... :rolleyes: so I couldn't really do that anymore, because I associated it with being in high school and I felt too cheerleader squad-ish.. It totally works on some people all throughout life though!! Don't let me steer you away... Hope this helps!! :flowers:
  4. I use mine tied around the handles of my bags as well.
  5. Bow around my bags and a headband. Can't go wrong with the bow around the bag though...makes it extra girly. :tender:
  6. i fold them in half and wrap it around my head and pin it where my ears are so they dont fall off. ill try to post a picture tomorrow (i would normally do it now but i just did my hair)
  7. i just wear it as a headband (tied on the bottom), and bobby pinned in place.
  8. I wear mine like headbands and I also tie them on my bags.
  9. Usually I tie them on my bags, but I have worn them as a headband too.

  11. Very Cute princesslisa! I just ordered the legacy stripe ponytail scarf, I was planning on just tying it to a bag but you have inspired me... Mom hair and all, I'm going to wear it as a headband! lol
  12. I always tie them into a pony tail...and on occasion ill tie it around my neck a la scarf ;) orrrrrrrrr sometimes ill wear it kinda like a choker...just tie it at the back of your neck and voilaaaaaaaa!

    I do love how that pink scarf looks on princesslisa but i can not get it to stay put in my hair like that for the LIFE of me :sad: so im soooo jealous of those that can!! No matter how many bobby pins i use it just slipsssssss off :sad: yuckerooooooo!
  13. Same here..
  14. That looks so cute! I've wanted to wear scarves as headbands like this but I don't know if I can pull it off, lol!
  15. Can someone post a pic of their scrave tied on their bag?