How do you all use your wristlets?

  1. I've never carried a wristlet, but I LOVE some of the Coach style wristlets I'm seeing. How do you all use your wristlets. I'm heading to the outlets in a little over a month. I'm trying to decide whether I would use a wristlet or not.

    FYI - I'm a small bag carrier. My East West Duffle is about as large a bag as I would carry. Maybe a wristlet wouldn't work for me?
  2. I use my wristlet as a wallet...that way, I can throw it in my bag, or if I'm just running out for a second, it works fine on its own.
  3. I have a large hobo so I use 2 wristlets. A leather one for makeup or woman items and a matching signature for coupons!!! LOL. If I am using a smaller purse then I use it as a wallet. I do use them by itself as well if I am going to the store etc.

    I used a black signature one alot on a cruise!!
  4. I've used it either as a wallet or if I'm going out to a club, it's perfect to just carry the essentials.
  5. I use my wristlet when I go out to a bar or club. I generally don't want to bring a big purse because if I want to dance, I don't want to leave it someplace and have it stolen. I usually leave it hanging from my wrist or clip it through my belt loop, if I don't feel like hanging on to it.
    I usually only bring a leather wristlet for this though because if I spill a drink on it, it will wipe right off.
    My friend uses her wristlet as a wallet to, so if she doesn't need a whole bag with her, she just pulls out the wristlet and it is easy to go between them.
  6. I use little purses as well. I use the wristlet as an alternative to my purse when I need to simply carry the essentials: credit cards, money, drivers license, gum and a lip gloss (everybody has different essentials though). I also love to carry it when I'm on the go and don't want to sling a purse over my shoulders. It's great for going to the supermarket, etc. I have a Watercolor wristlet for summer and it's just so fresh looking. It really brightens up any outfit and adds a summery touch to everything!
  7. I have the watercolor wristlet too and I love it because it is HUGE compared to some of the other Coach wristlets.

    I use my wristlets mainly to carry all the credit cards/frequent shopper cards that I don't use all that often. I will also use them to just carry a few things if I am going out, like others have said.
  8. I use my wristlets when I go to weddings or on vacation somewhere where I need to carry a few essentials but I don't want to carry a bag. When we went to NYC a few years ago I carried the wristlet to walk around town. Recently I changed phones, and got two new wristlets to carry my phone (BlackBerry), although I have not really used them for anything yet.
  9. Like most others, I use my wristlet sometimes as a wallet in a small purse and I also use it sometimes as a little purse on its own -- cards, phone and keys all fit in. So perfect!
  10. My current bag is pretty big, haha. I use a wristlet to put all my cosmetics in and it helps keep my bag more organized.

    Its also good for the essentials for a night out :smile:
  11. As a wallet and for quick trips into stores and stuff
  12. As a wallet. Tossed inside a larger bag. Good for running out to lunch w/o the larger bag, everything is zipped up inside.
  13. I use most as a wallet in the matching bags or to hold random stuff like chapstick, lipgloss, gum, etc....I also use them sometimes when I go out or just to make a quick run when I don't want to carry a bag.
  14. i am a minimalist girl, and the wristlet was my first coach purchase. i'm a student, so i throw my wristlet into my backpack and take it out when i go to lunch/any other time i don't want to lug my backpack around. dunno the name, but i have a black optic sig wristlet with a little suede on the bottom corners.

    i have a jcrew magic wallet which has my license, CCs, and money, and i put that inside the wristlet which then also contains random other cards, and chapstick. it's great bc it's not a liability if you go out (afraid of leaving your bag behind, getting it stolen, whatever), and it looks great everywhere you go! btw it's so easy to handle at a bar/club..just hang it off the wrist and/or hold it like a clutch.
  15. Make-up and/or tampons. I only use them in bigger purses.