How do you all get those pics to attach as thumbnails???

  1. I resized them as little as Microsoft Picture It will go (their thumbnail size) but still they are too big when I try to upload...... any suggestions?
  2. Ha...I've been trying to figure that out myself since I joined 3 months ago. I can't ever seem to get my pics to upload to tPF...I'm with you on this one and would also love some suggestions!
  3. I resize mine to just under 200 kb..and save them as .jpg /jpeg files.

    I'd like to know how you post a pic in the body of a message. I enjoy how posters post a pic write some details, post another pic & write more...all in one message/reply!
  4. To do that, I use a photo share site like (It's free!) You can just copy and paste your pic into your message. It's the only thing I can do until I can figure out how to thumbnail.
  5. First, I always resize very small with jpegs.

    To embed in the text of the message, just write a post in advanced mode, hit the paperclip to attach, and upload your pics.

    Then, where you want the photo, click the arrow next to the paperclip. Your file names should be there. Click the file you want to embed.

    Any files not embedded will be attached that are uploaded.
  6. Cool, thanks knuttybar and starletta8!
  7. bump :smile: