How do you all find things not located in spring catalog? (i.e., new dragonfly)...

  1. I want to order some gifts (we will be getting together after xmas), but want to browse new keychains and stuff like that. How do you all get this info? I got my spring catalog, but is this stuff that comes out later (like in Feb.)? I'm specifically looking for new scarves, keychains, charms, etc. TIA if you can help!
  2. bump...anyone?
  3. Go into the Coach store and ask to look at their accessory book. That's what I always do, and that's how I ordered new things that aren't out yet! you can do the same with bags.
  4. You'd probably have to go into a Coach store and look at the 'red book'. I think that's what it's called. The dragonfly doesn't even show up in the drilldown, someone found it by looking in the book. You can also search the threads here to see if there's anything new coming out. Hope that helps.
  5. Thank you, ladies, it actually does help. I will set aside some time this weekend to go check out the book..