how do you all DO IT?!

  1. I love Vuitton. I have the worst addiction of anyone I know IRL. Everyone I know yells at me for buying what I do (almost wishing now that I spent that $1245 on something Vuitton rather than my new Gucci Pelham...) and spending almost everything I've got on new bags. Truth is, there's nothing else I'd rather spend my money on, which is why I save and buy Vuitton. But that's what I have to do...SAVE. Usually when I get about 2 grand in my bank account I can't help it and go nuts. But right now I'm lucky and that's all I have to spend my money on. I'm still going to school so right now my parents graciously pay for everything for me, which I'm grateful for. But I come to this forum and as much as I love talking about Vuitton, I feel insignificant. How do you guys do it? More and more I come here and see people posting about how they just got this new bag, this new wallet, and this because it was just so cute, and oh, this because it was a LE within their reach (I'm guilty of this!) in a matter of two weeks or less. Is anyone here in serious debt? Or just extremely wealthy?

    I'm jealous :sad: I usually only receive on special occassions like my birthday or if I continue my 4.0 cumulative GPA (which I doubt my dad remembers cutting that deal with me yet again this year) OR if I save my hard earned cash (and I make hardly anything...) and splurge myself. HOW DOES EVERYONE HERE DO IT???
  2. hum-- I think its called a husband:yes::heart:;)
  3. I didn't have any expensive bags until I was married and working. My parents would never buy a bag for me so I've had to do it on my own. I know others have done it differently but I've had to wait to get to where I am now.

  4. Amen, sista!!!!!
  5. i wait till christmas or my birthday or fathers day..
  6. mmm..I'm like you, I still gotta save...I can probably buy a bag every 2-6 months depending on my other expenses. but that's me time to appreciate my other bags!
  7. I work at a fine dining restaurant and tips sometimes are crazy there.
    I haven't really started to buy LV until this summer, and I've been working at the restaurant for three years, so I've saved tons of money (and stashed it away) and then this summer...I pretty much splurged and spent what I made all the way to December.
    I'm a student too, I wish my dad would make a deal with me about a 4.0 GPA!
  8. well i have a job, but also i receive alot of scholarships from school. plus my boyfriend is very generous with me :roflmfao:
  9. Double income, no kids!
  10. yes. daddy does buy for mommy. but not a lot. he probably buys more vuitton for me because i love it more than she does. my mom likes expensive bags but she'd rather have jewelry. although it seems like every time we go to new york to buy me a bag, she ends up getting something too. 3 weeks ago it was burberry when i got my new suhali.

    they always tell me i need to find someone who's as good to me as my daddy. this i know, but i haven't even really ever had a real boyfriend :sad: so sad. hate being alone all the time.
  11. Personally, I think LV is a great investment! Everyone knows that you can buy a Speedy 25 (regular monogram) use it (gently) for about 5 years and then resell it on eBay and get back all of your money (or even make a profit!) FIVE YEARS LATER, due to the rising prices of LV in addition to its value being better maintained than a BMW (BMW's have great value retention as well... hehe).

    I LOVE, I mean SIMPLY LOVE Louis Vuitton. Actually, I've become quite obsessed. I can't stop myself. I even started buying those books...
  12. I work my ass off to get what I want. Most people think it's stupid how I spend my money, but last time I checked, it was my money and I spent it as I pleased. I also remember that I bought things because I liked them and didn't need anyone's approval to buy things. [I recently got in a heated argument with 2 friends over this.] *Does Z-Snap*
  13. O please do not be jealous or feel insignificant. Everybody here loves LV and will love you as much no matter how many you have.

    I believe a lot of people here have jobs, lovely DHs, and get bargains from consigment stores or eBay.

    I'm sure you'll be able to get everything you want when you graduate. ;)
  14. I sacrifice my personal time to work in a job that has good pay but gives me a serious headache. Prior to having my daughter I had a part-time job teaching at a nearby university. I was able to get the job because I paid for 3 college degrees by working one to two jobs since I was 15. My DH also has two jobs. He has bought a few of my bags but all others have been bought by me. My LV addiction will have to take a backseat in the very near future because we'll be sending our oldest to private school and our baby will be in preschool soon. I try to get things like bags and jewelry to celebrate things I've accomplished in my life with hard work.
  15. sigh... i wish! whenever i drag my DH to holt renfrew or the lv store, he will not hide the fact that he would rather be anywhere else and cannot stand the thought of spending $$$ on purses like this. :cursing: