How do you all do it?

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  1. Glad to have found this forum with such interesting posts. It definitely makes me feel better about purchasing high end accessories frequently. Within a month I get bored with a new bag or shoe and I feel like I have nothing to wear. Of course I am this way with my electronics too. I get sick of the latest and greatest gadget fast. It's sort of sick how you just feel you don't have enough choices but I guess many of you on this forum feel the same. What I can't get over in looking at all the posts on this forum is how everyone can afford so many luxury bags and multilple purchases in a short period of time? Granted there are sales but generally, high end goods only come down so much if not at all.
  2. I buy second-hand...almost everything...bags, shoes, and clothes!!! I love a good deal!

    P.S. Welcome to the PF
  3. I usually buy second hands on handbags (but saving up money to buy a new one!)


    Hey Annemerrick! You're also from Hong Kong? *waves from Hong Kong too! :biggrin:*
  4. You also might want to search. There are LOTS of threads asking the same thing!
  5. Hi!
    I thought I was alone on being obsessive about both electronics and fashion luxury items!
    I have sooo many cel phones I could open a store!
    Anyhow, I sell some of my older bags that I am bored of on eBay to buy something new!
  6. almost all of my bags are second hand too :p
    and i rarely spend more than 100$ for clothign or shoes, almost 70% of my wardrobes are thrift store find.
    i love to have unique clothings and thrift shopping is so much fun than mall shopping.

    i also sell my handbags if i don't use them a lot and wanted to buy a new one. i rotate my money on the buying selling things :p
  7. Well I would also like to know how you guys get lucky enough to find nice second hand luxury items. I live in Boca Raton where there are lots of retired rich people also a lot of people that come here from NY to spend the winters, I mean if you havent been to this area let me paint you a picture:

    Sports cars (lotus, ferraris, lamborghinis etc) are seen on every corner, every lady around here walks around with a 4ct diamond rings on each hand, the most expensive bags that you can imagine, I mean its ridiculuos. You would think that I could go to a second hand store and find all their old stuff, but I NEVER have found anything good. I have found good items at consignment stores, but for the most part they're just as expensive as buying the item brand new!...:cursing:
  8. Polos,
    Have you tried thrift shops associated with churches? For some reason they seem to have the most generous donations. Find a wealthy church that has a thrift shop and I bet you'll hit pay dirt!
  9. There's no way I can afford the really high-end bags ($1000 + :crybaby: ) so I buy from the mid-range priced lines like Coach, Via Spiga, Dooney, Michael Kors, Kooba, etc. There are some fabulous bags in those lines so I certainly don't feel deprived! I save up my $$, and I wait until my bag of choice is offered at a discount, either in the real stores or the online stores. I also visit this forum for info on reputable eBay sellers. I've bought several bags through eBay and haven't had any problems.

    If you can wait (and I know it's hard) you can find a good deal on almost anything.
  10. As you, it would be impossible for me to pay full price for my handbags...and I certainly will not go into debt of them, either. It's true, if you frequently watch the sales online and take advantage of coupon codes you can get some great deals. They may not be the "it" bag right now but by the time I get it I'm usually thrilled with the bag and the right price.
  11. please do a search. . . as you can imagine, this is asked about every week here!
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