How do you afford your bags and how many per year? Credit debt or millionare lover?

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  1. I know a question similar to this must of been posted before, but i'm really curious how you ladies afford your purses? good jobs, monthly payments on credit cards, rich husband/

    Myself personally have a pretty well paying job and my husband and I don't have kids and we don't have a mortgage or pay for the cars. (all paid off)
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  2. my mom and dad pay.
    i repay them by being "extremely intelligent and brilliant" as my dad says (when he's not angry....)...
    leaving jokes apart, i now am working with my dad, obviously i don't do great things, i'm still joung, but i hope to have a good job and buy them a lot of things when i'm bigger....i want to be independent, i don't want that my husband pays my shopping, for me that would be terrible!!!
  3. The old fashioned way - HARD WORK! (And occasionally I put it on the Mastercard, but I am trying not to do that anymore).
  4. Ditto. Except that I do put my bags on a credit card (because we get airline miles) but I pay it off in full each month.
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  5. my parents pay for my handbags and other things. well, mostly my mom, she's really in charge of spending money for things like that in my house. and sometimes i buy a few things with my own money, which is technically theirs since they gave it to me. but, i have yet to put handbag charges on my credit card.
  6. Dont laugh but now.....I am doing conventions. Friday/Saturday/ Saundays/ I usually do Fridays and Saturdays. You sit behind a both, and try to sell whatever is being promoted. It's 5 hours a day, on our time. And you get paid 70 dollars, so for 6 jobs a month,thats 30 hours, and 420 something dollars. What can I say, I find the easy way out!

    In the summer I will be doing full time- so more purses please...
  7. Singing: "She works hard for the money! eh-eh-eheh So hard for it honey!":lol: :lol: I'm a hard working nurse, so I deserve a good handbag once in a while--might give in to my urge for a brown bag today!!
  8. I surf the net and get paid for it.
  9. How does that work?
  10. One word and that is WORK!!!
  11. I work and get paid fairly well (though for SF it's average). I don't have any kids (yet). I save my money. I put a lot of thought and consideration into each purchase -- no impulse buys. And sometimes, I use a credit card, which gets paid off in full in two payments, tops.
  12. jane, how are the housing prices there? Still outrageously high? I grew up near SF, and miss the area like crazy, but could never afford to move back there now, even with a good salary.
  13. Yeah, they are still ridiculous. Like, a million dollars for a house that would go for $350k in Chicagoland, which is where we plan to move soon after my husband and I have reproduced :smile:

    I luv Chicago.
  14. Sent you a PM
  15. As horrible as this may sound, its my parents who pay for everything. So, despite my constant "I'll pay half for a Dior!" it'd be money I receive from them anyway. But, I've been told I have to wait until April to get another handbag... Gah.Yes, but I'm still 18 and an only child. I hope that answers it for you...