How do you afford all of these bags???

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  1. So, I dont understand how all of you girls can afford so many designer bags. What do you do for a living? What is your income? I mean...I spend an absured amount of money on skiing......I have three pairs of jackets.....all of those items are equilivant to a designer purse.....Im just wondering you just save your money and have your purses be your first spending priority........Maybe your parents are rich. Maybe its credit cards! Well, Im just curious. BTW, I like this forum. Its very helpful. Thanks, girls. ;)

    Well, Im thinking about purchasing my first designer purse soon, but I cant drop 1200$.
  2. Tax refunds and bonuses. Any "free" money that comes in.
  3. I save up or have them as gifts
  4. its funny that you ask that because i have wondered the same thing

    i mean i am a student and i only work part time and i save every last penny to buy my bags, and i also borrow from my family sometimes and now owe them $$

    but i mean people who in 6 months say they just started collecting LV's and have like 6 -7 purses each upwards of $800-1000 i just dont get it i mean thats like a lot of $$ to spend in just a few months how do ppl do it?!?!
  5. There are a million threads on this subject. Just check GD.
  6. Haha,
    Some of us are older and have paid our dues.
    struggling students, early marriage years, kids etc etc.

    Now the kids are grown and gone...............

    Time for ME!!
  7. haha good for you gro3602!!! You deserve it!
  8. I agree!
  9. Nooooooooooo!!! Not this topic again!:noggin:
  10. thank you bagsnshoo!!!!!!!
    Please join one of the MANY threads posted already.
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