How Do You Acknowledge Obvious Plastic Surgery ?

  1. How do you acknowledge obvious plastic surgery ?

    Do you pretend you don't notice ?
  2. I pretend I don't notice until the other person mentions it (many will).
  3. I def keep my mouth shut...I would maybe just say a general comment like " look great today" (even if they don't --ha ha)
  4. Well..if the person is close friend , I will say something like "someone get some work done and give him/her a complement. I am sure they want people to notice the "improvement". If I am not that close, I will just say you look great like always.
  5. I don't. I don't say anything. . . it's like someone carrying a fake handbag, I keep mum unless they bring it up.
  6. Edit: nevermind, I need to go to bed :P
  7. haven't been hit with this one yet but I've dealt with many gastric-bypass coworkers some who didn't admit to it and my comments were always "wow you look different" never said good because most of them looked sick.
  8. If something strikes me and I think they look good, I may compliment the person.

    If I think they did a disservice to him or herself, then I keep my mouth shut.
  9. I don't say anything. If that person is happy with it, then hey, I'm happy for them :P
  10. Plastic surgery is a very private and personal decission IMO. Unless asked how I feel I choose to just keep my opinions to myself, close friends or otherwise.
  11. None of my friends are thinking about plastic surgery at the moment but if one of them did get one.I'd probably just compliment them on how great they are looking and if they have done something cause you look so great! People usually are so flattered that they'll tell you that they just got so and so done. It works everytime and it's not rude at all, they usually see it as a compliment more than anything else.:lol:
  12. Most people I know are very open about it and even tell me about it... and then discuss it from there, if they wanna talk about it.
  13. I try not to say anything, unless it's a close friend and it looks good.
  14. Haha its just my personality not to sugar coat things, and tell things straight. So one time I went to a family party, and my cousin who just turned 21 at that time got her boobs done. So I didnt say anything at first, but as the party went on, my cousins friend that was a girl said "Wow you have big boobs!" I jumped in and said "She got em when she turned 21 ;]" Everyone including my cousin with the boobs laughed. She replyed with "Your such a b****" I go "You love it."

    But it also depends, if I notice someone got something done, and I barely know them, or theyre older than me, I wont crack jokes like that, but tell them theyre gorgeous =]
  15. I gotta go with the majority on this one. If someone asks, then I'll say oh, you look great! Otherwise, I think it's not so nice to say anything, especially if it doesn't look quite right. Also, if someone had a bad experience with it or don't like the results, they wouldn't appreciate someone bringing it up.

    People occasionally ask me if I had a nose job--I swear I didn't!!! It's my own! But it's such a rude and sort of shocking question, especially since I never did have any plastic surgery!