how do you accessorize your jeans?

  1. belts? scarves? DIY stuff? how do you set yourself apart?
  2. Not a thing. My mother keeps telling me I need a belt, but I hate belts.
  3. I always have a belt..
  4. Depends on the top for me. I love a good belt though!:heart:
  5. Sometimes I wear a belt but more often than not I don't accessorize my pants.
  6. belt always~
  7. a belt or a foulard(i love this style):P
  8. I accent it w/ a western style belt.
  9. yes if a pant has loopholes then there has to be a belt :yes:
  10. I have to confess to breaking this rule. I almost never wear belts.
  11. i do belts and scarves.
  12. I love belts!!! If I am going to wear a belt or use a scarf as a belt, I mostly wear it over my waist. I do wear the belts through the loops, but almost never do.
  13. belts sometimes but not all the time
  14. I usually wear a belt or a scarf as a belt.
  15. I use belts, scarves and brooches, sometimes i use a brooch to keep my scarves in place. I particularly like these 2 brooches :smile: